How To Stay Active During a Global Pandemic


Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Walpole High School students have been completing online classes through Google Classroom assignments, Zoom conferencing and other virtual forms of communication. With students stuck in their homes and sitting at a computer all day, they lack daily physical exercise that they would normally be able to complete outside of their homes.  Places that make exercise easy and accessible have been shut down due to COVID-19, such as local gyms, parks and courts, to encourage social distancing and self-quarantine. 

With all the stress and unknowns surrounding the virus, releasing endorphins might provide hopeful and positive feelings needed during this concerning situation. 


Running or Jogging

Although parks are closing to avoid crowds of people, running around the street or in other areas close to home will not only keep one active, but also provide a change in scenery. By planning out a route that is local and safe, one can make their day just a bit more interesting by reacquainting with the outside world. Running is also an easy way to reach those 30 minutes of recommended cardio while enjoying music or even a podcast. This not only can lead to relaxation, but running or jogging can also allow the chance to unplug from school and constant news updates. 

If simply jogging for 20 minutes is not interesting enough, modifications can be added to make it more or less challenging. For example, finding a route that contains a hill or steep incline to run on will make it more physically challenging. The “run-walk” method can also switch up the workout by incorporating small breaks into the run to avoid fatigue. Instead of running, sprint intervals can be used to increase the heart rate while using longer walking breaks. 


Virtual Workouts 

Another option that could be used to stay active is going on YouTube and finding a workout video. Channels such as Popsugar Fitness and HASfit offer a variety of free videos that instruct their audience without making them leave their home. Many videos do not require workout equipment, but only a WiFi connection to keep someone moving. 

It is easy to find any type of workout whether it is cardio, strength training or even dance classes, all of which can be low or high intensity. The endless online options make it easy for anyone to find a video that targets what they want to work on and what benefits them most. 



With eight online classes to keep track of, WHS students will be spending a majority of their time completing assignments and catching up on work using their computers, leading to hours of sitting in bed or at desks. This can easily be fixed by placing work on a higher service so that the screen is eye-level. Even though standing may seem pointless, it uses more energy and works muscles more than sitting. 


Taking Care of Pets  

Having a pet, especially a dog, is the perfect excuse to get outside and get moving. Whether it is taking them for a long walk or running around with them in the yard after every assignment, spending time with a lovable pet will not only lighten up the day but will also keep everyone active. 



Yoga is known for calming nerves and aiding an individual in staying focused, all while working the muscles and increasing flexibility. Yoga positions vary in difficulty, making it possible for every person to do at any level they feel comfortable. Similar to virtual workout videos, yoga exercises and positions can easily be found all over the Internet through videos, instructional photos and apps. 

Yoga can also be done anywhere in a home or outside. If weather permits, one can enjoy the fresh air in their yard on a yoga mat or even a towel. It requires very little space and can be done in any quiet room that one feels comfortable in. 

Yoga is also highly associated with meditation, which practices reflection and focusing on breathing, as well as relaxing. Even five to 10 minutes of deep breathing everyday can benefit students everywhere who are feeling overwhelmed during this anxiety inducing pandemic. 


Workout While Binging 

It is easy to get stuck watching TV for countless hours, especially with all the extra time students have on their ends. Instead of laying down to watch all the new Netflix releases, opt for jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups and other exercises that can be done in front of the screen. By multi-tasking between watching and exercising, one can be active while distracting themselves with their favorite show. Not only will it make working out less painful, but it will also be more fun and something to look forward to. 


Even though being in quarantine makes it hard to exercise, it is not impossible. These ways of getting active can not only reduce stress, but also keep students and adults moving and healthy continuously throughout this pandemic.