Netflix Documentary “Tiger King” Sweeps the Nation

Sarah St. George, Editor-in-Chief

In this time of need and boredom, Netflix has supplied its viewers with a new documentary to snare attention nationwide. “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” is exactly what the title makes it seem like. The seven episode series mainly follows the insanity of Joe Exotic (a.k.a Tiger King) and other big cat owners and breeders, such as Carole Baskin, Doc Antle and Mario Tabraue. Currently rated number one on Netflix, “Tiger King” has captivated the minds of many, even Kim Kardashian. 

Has anyone seen ‘Tiger King’ on Netflix?!?! It is crazy!!!!” Kardashian tweeted. 

In the midst of this coronavirus pandemic, America has found a binge-worthy show that is somehow crazier than what is happening in reality. The star of the show, Exotic, whose real name is actually Joe Maldonado-Passage, owns Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, where he breeds and showcases a variety of different animals, but mostly big cats. Exotic is a fan of creating his own music, filming for his YouTube channel and his two husbands (at the same time) who are also featured on the show. Now, Exotic is in jail with a 22-year sentence after recently being charged for multiple crimes, including murder-for-hire and killing five of his tigers. 

The other star of the show, Carole Baskin, is quite an interesting character as well. She is the owner of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, yet calls herself an animals right activist. She views Exotic as her arch nemesis and Exotic’s feelings are mutual. Baskin’s greatest desire is to put Exotic’s zoo out of business because she finds his treatment of the cats to be appalling, even though it is not much different from her zoo. Additionally, there is basically an entire episode dedicated to the theory that Baskin killed her late husband, millionaire Don Lewis, by feeding him to her tigers. Exotic is very enthusiastic about this rumor and relays these thoughts on his YouTube channel. The two end up in a lawsuit, which drains Exotic financially. 

On Rotten Tomato, “Tiger King” has a score of 100 percent, proving to be an effective use of time during this never-ending quarantine. 

“The new documentary series is addictive, ethically questionable and spectacular. Being crazier than the world outside is an awfully high bar to clear right now. But the Netflix documentary ‘Tiger King’ soars over it with room to spare,” reviewer Sam Adams said. 

Boredom comes to an end with this new series, so look no longer for a new hobby because “Tiger King” will firmly snare the attention of anyone with its pure chaos.