How to Avoid Boredom While Social Distancing

While the coronavirus pandemic has not even reached its peak yet, it is tremendously important for everyone to be practicing social distancing. One can effectively social distance and help end the virus by taking measures to restrict large groups of people and self-isolating. During this time of isolation, it is easy to quickly fall into a spell of boredom or anxiety. To avoid these feelings, there are many things that one can do alone or with their family while quarantining. 


Coloring is a very therapeutic way of relieving stress and relaxing, and it is a good way to be creative. It also provides a finished product, which is a good motivator. There are many printable coloring pages that are available online for free.

Practice self-care 

Have a spa-night with a facemask, nail painting, and a bath. To create a relaxing mood, illuminate the bathroom with candles, but remember to be careful!


With all this free time, it is the perfect time to do an in-depth room cleaning. In addition to organizing, purging the closet is a great way to clear out ones room. Be sure to clean the mirror and rid the room of any dust. 


Although it may not be the most fun option, staying fit is essential during this time, as many people are moving around much less than usual. YouTube offers hundreds of workout routines that range from level, and there are also many downloadable exercise apps. 

Go outside

It is important to still get fresh air, and the weather is clearing up now that spring is here. Doing school work outside or going for a walk with family are great ways to get outside. 

Try a DIY

As well as workout videos, YouTube hosts many DIY (do it yourself) tutorials. These can be great to upcycle old clothes or add a new decor piece to ones room. 

Have a photoshoot

Pinterest has many cool at-home photoshoot ideas that anyone can recreate. A photographer isn’t even necessary, just use the self timer to create some awesome pictures. A creative way to take photos with friends is to have a Facetime photoshoot. Just get in a pose and have the other person take a Facetime photo or screenshot. 

Bake or cook

Baking and cooking are easy ways to relieve boredom and create a delicious treat. With one search, thousands of different recipes can be found online. 

Talk to friends

Even though it may be against social distancing guidelines to meet up with friends, talking to them over the phone is a great way to stay connected. There are many apps including Facetime and Houseparty that allow for several people to talk altogether.  

Listen to music

Music is the best way of relaxing or changing one’s mood. Now, it is easy to share music with friends—Spotify offers collaborative playlists that many people can add different songs to.