TikTok Introduces New DIY Tie Dye Trend

Users are Sporting Their Own Unique Tie Dye During Quarantine

With the rise of the popular app TikTok, many users are sharing creative projects to do while in quarantine. One trend that has really taken off is DIY tie dye. Many are taking the time to DIY different clothing pieces from sweatshirts to even jeans. Numerous TikTok users are posting “How To” videos all over the app, showing the steps to making cute and trendy tie dye clothing. 

Throughout the past year, tie dye has exploded in the fashion industry. Popular stores such as PacSun, Urban Outfitters and American Eagle have begun selling colorful tie dye clothing to add a pop of color to simple outfits. Tie dye is often seen on bathing suits, summer tops and even sweatshirts and sweatpants. During this time, many people prefer to sport a tie dye sweat suit consisting of a crew neck paired with matching joggers. 

To make a tie dye piece, most people begin by using any solid color clothing. They then tie rubber bands around the clothing in many different ways to create patterns such as swirls, random spotted tie dye or a bull’s eye effect. Tutorials for these patterns can be found easily with a quick Google search. When finished tie dying, the clothing must dry for 24 hours before one can wash it and secure the tie dye look.

Many people prefer to use bleach to dye the clothing, as it is a common household item and saves them a trip to the store during quarantine; however, traditional store bought tie dye is popular as well. People can bleach the clothing in any desired area, giving the tie dye a unique look.

Famous TikTok influencers such as Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio are often seen wearing tie dye sweat suits on their TikToks and Instagram pages to show off their own unique creativity. Check out their Instagram profiles or search the web for inspiration to rock a tie dye look.