What to Wear: Men’s Winter Fashion Edition

Greg Tsougas, News Editor

Photo/ Greg Tsougas
Photo/ Greg Tsougas

The Late Riser: 

We have been cooped up in our houses for far too long and our sense of style has taken the wrong turn because of it. Sweatpants, hoodies, and slippers have become part of the mandated uniforms for the armies of people working, learning, and essentially living behind computer screens. While this outfit does maintain the sweet sense of comfort many of us have been accustomed to these past few months, it adds a sense of formality and uniqueness to the “groutfit” by supplementing it with a button up shirt and Nike Air Maxes. The outfit includes a muted dark blue short-sleeve button up shirt, Nike Air Max 90s and black Champion sweatpants. Most of the items were found at consignment stores except for the shoes. 

Photo/ Greg Tsougas
Photo/ Greg Tsougas

The Burnout: 

It’s 12 AM and you have seven missing assignments, are exhausted and waiting for your college acceptance letter. With the pandemic, your senior year has been transferred to a computer screen and you are quite bored of looking at pixels all day. Ease your stress and anxiety for the future with a comfortable yet presentable outfit. The gray sweatshirt provides comfort yet resembles the whitewashed style seen in Kanye West’s fashion shows, the sweatpants are a substitute for overworn pajamas, and your slippers have been replaced by Adidas Boost sneakers. Whether you go for a run or watch Youtube for the next three hours, this outfit will keep you feeling and looking good. The grey sweatshirt was bought from a consignment store, the Adidas sweatpants can be found at any major department store, the white Adidas Boost shoes can be found on the Adidas website and the silver chain is from Walmart. 

Photo/ The New York Times

The “Been a While”: 

You are on your way to Walgreens, the grocery store, a socially distanced meeting with friends, or a Zoom college interview. You want to look nice and orderly because you haven’t since March. Dress up, feel good and take on the seemingly post-apocalyptic World created by the pandemic. Sweater vests and literal pants can be found at almost all clothing stores at reasonable prices. Combine a sweater vest, an undershirt, formal-looking pants and shoes of your choice to create an outfit that brings you confidence even if you’re low on it right now. If you are feeling extra adventurous, consider adding a satchel or cloth-woven bag to your outfit. 

Photo/ Human Rights Campaign

La Activista:

Add variety to your wardrobe with sweatshirts and t-shirts that advocate for causes you’re passionate about. Whether you volunteer at a homeless shelter on the weekend, are passionate about the Black Lives Matter movement or are on the hunt for LGBT equality, wearing one of these pieces will garner more attention and recognition for the causes you are passionate for. Chnge.com hosts a wide variety of t-shirts and sweaters boasting phrases in support of feminism, environmental activism or gun-control. 

Photo/ OnPointFresh

The E-Boy:

It’s time that you’ve decided you want to add goth undertones to your style. You have become envious of the grace and charm exuded by the E-boys on Tiktok. You want to look and have the same energy as them, but how? First, you will need to go to a nearby Hot Topic or Zumiez store. Second, you will need to buy clothing and shoes of different shades of black. Buy an accessory like a chain necklace or a black belt to spruce up your look as well. Third, using your newly bought clothing, develop an outfit that allows for you to take on the world while letting you look great in black.