Healthy Substitutions to Maintain Your New Year’s Resolution


Grace Ryan

Granola bites are a quick and easy treat to try in the new year.

A new year means new resolutions, many of which involve being healthier. Whether it be to work out more or eat healthier, resolutions can be hard to maintain, especially with a busy lifestyle. So how do you satisfy those cravings or find something quick and healthy? These substitutions will help you eat healthier on a busy schedule without the unhealthy flavors!



Start your day off strong with a nourishing breakfast by trying smoothies and using egg whites instead of whole eggs if you are looking for a lighter alternative. Fruit is a natural sugar, so add it to plain yogurt instead of buying a flavored yogurt. Cereals can be great, but some are sugary so avoiding eating them too often. Instead, try granola or oatmeal. 



Improve your salads by using a vinaigrette instead of a thick dressing and add crunchy vegetables or tortilla strips instead of croutons. Many people get bored of eating the same salads over and over, so you may want to switch up what you have on your salad so you do not get sick of greens and turn to unhealthier options. For sandwiches, avoid too many condiments and choose a spinach wrap or multi-grain bread. Other substitutions include filling your meals with chicken and fish instead of red meat and choosing brown rice over white rice. 



Snacks and desserts are the hardest to avoid eating, but even with a healthy diet, you can still enjoy snacks. Instead of chips, eat mixed nuts or a popcorn such as Skinny Pop. For dessert, try dark chocolate covered dried fruits, like raisins. If you are craving ice cream, brands such as Halo Top that offer healthier versions of your favorite desserts. They carry your favorite flavors at just 270 to 380 calories a Pint! The recipe below is a great addition to your breakfast, snack, or dessert!


Granola Bites

The ingredients are easy to find and make with no cooking time! At only 94 calories and 2.5 grams of protein per serving, they are healthy and will fill you up. 


1 cup oats

½ cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips

½ cup ground flax seed

½ cup crunchy peanut butter 

⅓ cup honey

1 teaspoon vanilla extract



Mix ingredients in a bowl all together (tip: put the mixture in the fridge for about 30 minutes to make forming easier), form into small balls, then put them on open trays and into the freezer for at least an hour before placing them into a container in the freezer. 


Here is the full recipe:


In this new year, keeping healthy options on hand is a great way to maintain your resolution. By making easy substitutions, you can still treat yourself and eat your favorite foods in 2021 while making healthy and nourishing choices.