TikTok Stars That Have Turned Fashion into Self-Expression

When it comes to picking out an outfit to wear, it is all about YOU. Many find fashion to be a form of self expression or art. The art of styling clothing simply comes from inside, or maybe someone whose style you admire. With the rise in popularity of online shopping, it is easier than ever for teens to switch up their style. One popular app that influences them to do this is TikTok. This year has been the rise of TikTok’s platform, and being in quarantine has brought many young influencers to fame. TikTok stars’  passion for influencing teens to be comfortable in their bodies and outfits is what expands these stars’ fanbases. The app allows teens to express their unique styles and to gain access to  less of a mainstream style.

When diving into the world of TikTok there are many different types of influencers on the app. Charli D’Amelio grew famous on TikTok from her dancing videos. Her style is very simple yet cute; followers will usually see her in leggings or jeans and a crop top combo. D’Amelio is simple and on the shy side so her outfit choices match and reflect off her personality. Being the most famous star on the app with over 105 million followers, D’Amelio receives hate for who she is, but that has not stopped her from being herself. As well as having trendy outfits, D’Amelio also frequently changes her hair which has  inspired teens to do so as well. She has dyed different sections of her hair pink, blue, and even received hair extensions.

Charli D’Amelio’s comfortable and simple style is accessible to any teenager. (Isabelle O’Connell)

When it comes to setting trends, Emma Chamberlain is no rookie to this field. Chamberlain, most known for her YouTube career, is hugely influential in pioneering fashion trends. She first started her career as a DIY YouTuber but later became known for her style and love for thrifting. After popularizing trends such as scrunchies, Doc Martens, shoelace belts and sherpa jackets, her following expanded even more. The most recent trend she has brought back in 2020 is yoga pants. She promotes her outfits on YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok, and she inspires her followers to feel comfortable with what they wear. Chamberlain pushes her following to not care what others think of them and to dress in a way that makes them feel happy.

 “I would hope that all young girls could relate to me and see that the lives of people on the internet are not as perfect as they seem,” Chamberlain said on Twitter. 

Emma Chamberlain’s outfits combine 90s influences with modern pieces to create a unique yet comfortable style. (Isabelle O’Connell)

Avani Gregg is another TikTok influencer who promotes unconventional and grunge looking outfits. Gregg’s TikTok career was boosted when she started doing dramatic clown makeup that coordinated with TikTok sounds in the background. Her makeup skills coordinate with her outfits, shoes, and hair and she uses these bold looks as a way of expressing herself. Her unique style is becoming more popular due to the popularity of her videos, which encourages her followers to push the limits of conventional fashion and beauty trends.

Avani Gregg’s unique, eclectic style sets her apart from other online influencers. (Isabelle O’Connell)

When it comes to style, do not count the men out. Chase Hudson, or Lil Huddy, is a popular TikToker who has influenced many male fashion trends. He typically follows the “e-boy” aesthetic; for example, Hudson usually wears dark clothing that has some type of animal or rock band, black or checkered jeans, and jewelry like chains and rings. He often pairs these looks with painted nails. Lil Huddy has been an influencer since high school and has helped to push male stereotypes when it comes to fashion. He has inspired male influencers all over the app to paint their nails, wear eyeliner, and wear more traditionally feminine clothing. Like Hudson, TikToker Jaden Hossler also pushes the boundaries of male fashion. In July 2020, he tweeted “like foreal i don’t even look at the men’s section normally for like cargos or jeans. shoutout women’s pants”. These two influencers alone are defying “male masculinity” by breaking the social norm of sticking to the stereotype. 

Men on TikTok such as Chase Hudson have popularized “e-boy” fashion. (Isabelle O’Connell)

When talking about how these influencers promote fashion, it isn’t just about what trends they set, yet how they use it to express themselves and make others feel welcome to do this as well. While many trends are popular on TikTok, one thing that makes these influences similar is how they care about promoting their following to be true to themselves. This year, the stars of TikTok have made it a safe place for teens to create more unique looks and to have fun with it. Fashion is not just how you look; it’s how what you wear makes you feel.