The Bachelor: Week 8 Recap

The 25th season of the Bachelor has been like no other, for many different reasons. Due to the pandemic, the contestants are forced to quarantine on the grounds of the resort and all the dates take place at the resort. The show also has its first ever African-American Bachelor, Matt James, and has a record number of girls competing for James’ heart. The number of girls has caused more drama and tension on the show than in previous seasons. After sending five girls home last episode, this week’s episode, “Hometowns” took place. Due to COVID-19, the four remaining contestants, Michelle Young, Racheal Kirkconnell, Bri Springs and Serena Pitt, were not able to bring James to their actual hometowns yet they brought their hometowns and families to him. 

Young, a fan favorite, was the first contestant to have her date with James. Since Young is a teacher, she brought her students to “meet” James. The date consisted of Young and James “Zooming” with her elementary students. The date was quite laughable as the kids grilled James by asking questions like “Do you love Ms. Young?” and “Are you going to marry her?” After the Zoom, James met Young’s parents. This meeting went very well for both James and Young. The night ended with Young telling James she is falling in love with him, however he did not reciprocate her declaration.

The next contestant to show James her hometown was Kirkconnell. The 24-year-old has recently been in the spotlight for racist allegations from high school of  liking pictures on Instagram that featured the confederate flag and making fun of a classmate for dating an African American. She also participated in an Antebellum party in 2018. However, the show is prerecorded and these allegations were not known at the time of the filming. On the date, Kirkconnell blindfolded and surprised James by going skydiving. Both leaped out of the plane, James made a smooth landing, while Kirkconnell plummeted hard on the ground, causing a dramatic, scary fall. James ran right over to help her. After this date Kirkconnell brought James to meet her parents and younger sister. Both of Kirkconnell’s parents addressed doubts they had about this dating process. At the end of the date James told Kirkconnell that he is not ready to ask her dad for her hand in marriage and Kirkconnell seemed very upset. 

Springs’ date was the next encounter shown. She planned an off-roading and picnic date. The off roading is symbolic of their first date. At the picnic the two talked about having unconventional families and, after the picnic, Springs took James to meet her mom, best friend and baby sister. Spring’s mom asks Young a series of hard questions. At the end of the date Spring told James she is falling in love with him, yet he did not say it back. 

The last contestant to go was Pitt. The Canadian native planned a whole Canadian themed date that included Canadian trivia and food. After this fun, Pitt took James to meet her parents and sister. During this meeting, Pitt’s family raised many questions regarding her readiness to get married and her love for James. Pitt admitted to her sister that, although James is “everything on paper,” she is not sure if she is in love with him. 

After Pitt’s date, the Bachelor can tell that something is wrong so he visits Pitt alone. The 22-year-old admits to James that he is not her person and she is not ready to commit to him. This leaves James tearful and in silence. In an unusual twist on normal Bachelor events, Pitt escorted James out to his car and sent him “home.”

The episode concludes with Young, Kirkconnell and Springs all receiving roses.The finale will air in two weeks.