Netflix Original “The Irregulars” Puts a Creative Twist on Sherlock Holmes

In the countless Sherlock Holmes stories that have graced television and movies, almost all of them have focused on the famous detective and his sidekick Watson. However, few have focused on Holmes’ ‘homeless network’ from the stories, which is his underground network of London’s poor that help him gather information and evidence for his cases. In Netflix’s new original “The Irregulars,” this little recognized group finally receives recognition in a new adaptation that puts a unique spin on the classic detective. 

“The Irregulars” follows five teenagers: Bea (Thaddea Graham), her sister Jessie (Darci Shaw), Billy (Jojo Macari) and Spike (McKell David), who are all part of London’s poor, as well as Prince Leopold (Harrison Osterfield), who runs away from the palace to live with the other teenagers. The intrepid group finds themselves embroiled in a series of supernatural mysteries that they are tasked to solve by the mysterious John Watson (Royce Pierreson). 

The show follows a ‘monster of the week’ format, like many superhero shows of a similar nature, with each episode having its own unique storyline outside the main conflict but still tying to the overall mystery at the end of the episode. This format works very well for “The Irregulars,” as it keeps the plot moving and makes the storyline less predictable. While the long length of the episodes sometimes made the plot move slowly, overall “The Irregulars” does a good job keeping the audience engaged and invested in the plot.

With so many different characters, “The Irregulars” has a hard time completing every single character arc, with many seeming unfinished and others as if they had barely begun. While the show’s attempt to give every character equal attention is admirable, in the end it creates confusion and bogs down the overall plot with unnecessary details and smaller storylines. However, the arcs that are fully developed are done well and tie into the story in a way that feels true to the characters. 

Additionally, “The Irregulars” shies away from the traditional Sherlock Holmes story and creates a supernatural world, a refreshing change from the usual iterations of the famous detective. This new take keeps the audience engaged with the story, as it would otherwise be undoubtedly predictable if it followed the traditional Sherlock Holmes story and format. With this magical new storyline, “The Irregulars” stands out among its fellow Holmes and Watson counterparts. 

Overall, “The Irregulars” is a fun new show that viewers are sure to enjoy. While Netflix has not officially renewed the series for a second season, many suspect that it will, leaving fans of the show hopeful and looking forward to seeing this story on the small screen again in the future. With its refreshing take on a classic story, “The Irregulars” stands out as an underrated Netflix original.