Best Thrifting Locations in Surrounding Towns


Salvage Angel

American Eagle skinny jeans and Lululemon headbands are reaching the bottom of the drawer as Generation Z has become more captivated by vintage fashion looks. Loosely-fitted mom jeans give a shout-out to the ‘90s, but small touches like rhinestone belts take jeans further back in time, creating an energy reminiscent of Madonna. Makeup palettes are also veering away from the vibrant 2000s eyeshadow looks and turning to more neutral bases which has impacted the fashion world as a result. Scandinavian color schemes from the 1950s are coming back through neutral corduroy pants and nude body suits. Such styles are all the craze right now, but the question is, where can you even find fashion from decades ago? 


Salvage Angel – Salvage Angel is a hidden gem located at a warehouse in Norwood, MA, that offers various articles of clothing, shoes, and jewelry influenced by different decades. The layout of Salvage Angel offers a unique shopping experience as many walls are built to appear like movie sets with specific aesthetics that match the clothing inside. High-intensity lighting provided by old-fashioned spotlights filters a warm coloring in the store, creating a retro shopping experience. Nonetheless, the quality and quantity of clothing speaks for itself as there is an array of bell-bottoms lined on racks and surrounded by mannequins fitted with everything from corsets to leather jackets, finished off with a wide selection of bluchers and go-go boots. A trip to Salvage Angel is like a trip back in time!


Buffalo Exchange – Generation Z’s tasteful aesthetic is pleasing to the fashion world, but the fashionistas must travel far and wide in order to create these artsy outfits. Additionally, $160.00 Doctor Martens and $70.00 biker shorts from Urban Outfitters are draining kids’ part-time job paychecks. Thankfully, options such as Buffalo Exchange located in Brookline, MA, offers affordable—yet equally stylish—second-hand clothing that is impossible to find at a local retailer. Finding recycled garments from Buffalo Exchange is courtesy of their trade system which allows customers to bring in their “out-dated” clothing and can trade it in for other items or get money back. Buffalo Exchange keeps clothing from the past circulating in today’s generation, contributing to this era of “back-in-time” fashion. 


Lemon Tree Goods – The ‘50s are notorious for their association with pedal pushers, pencil skirts, and peter pan collar blouses. Such styles are starting to reappear among young women, especially those who pursue careers in education and retail. However, ‘50s pinup can be a difficult find when you’re not shopping for a Halloween costume at Party City. Consignment boutique, Lemon Tree Goods, located in Natick, MA, is to the rescue. This quaint shop offers a minimalist approach to the ‘50s through decorative pop-art, pastel color palette, clothing, as well as accessories. Lemon Tree Goods offers a variety of chunky headbands and bandeaus that are reminiscent of Rosie the Riveter and create a more casual look, too.