Top 5 Best and Worst Looks of The 2021 Met Gala

Top 5 Best and Worst Looks of The 2021 Met Gala

The 2021 Met Gala had an array of looks that were based on the “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” theme. With this theme came celebrities that went to show off their fashion and fortune. Each person wore a unique outfit, some not even representing the theme. Because the Gala emphasizes individuality in all the attendee’s outfits, the looks tend to be hit or miss. Here are some of the best and worst looks of the night.

Coming in first with the most gorgeous look of the evening goes to Kendall Jenner. Her dress was shimmery all over with a nude base underneath. The inspiration for the whole night was based off of Audrey Hepburn, but the red carpet dress was based on the famous movie: “The Fair Lady.” Her second look of the night was a small, red dress with a giant bow on the back which was also inspired by Hepburn. Givenchy styled Jenner’s whole look for the night, making the model dazzle with each step she took. Everybody is raving about this look. 

At a close second, Iman Abdulmajid dressed by Dolce and Gabanna x Harris Reed came in the most extravagant golden dress and hair piece. This piece was one of the best representations of America of the whole night, showing off her golden age pride. The supermodel blew the America Lexicon theme out of the ballpark with her ballroom cultured inspiration from the golden age. 

In third, Anok Yai took the breath away of all on the red carpet. Yai’s elegant and delicate white dress with silver stars was gorgeous. Designer Riccardo Tisci created a look from Burberry, inspired by French singer, dancer and activist Josephine Baker. Overall, the model’s hair, makeup and dress were beautiful and intricate. 

In fourth, Lil Nas X snatched the crowd’s attention with his three Versace outfits. The crowd favorite was when Nas made an outfit change on the carpet. Each look contained black and gold, all looking very metallic. For example, his outfits ranged from black and golden with diamonds to completely golden and almost robotic looking.  When Lil Nas X put on his royal coat, photographers were all over it. 

And last but not least, Billie Eilish stepped out of her comfort zone and came in a big, peach ball gown created by Oscar de la Renta. Her inspiration was “Old Hollywood Glam” as she revealed that the look was motivated by her love for wearing dresses as a child. Eilish voiced that when she was a child she always dreamt of dressing up as a princess; that dream came true at the 2021 Met. 

On another note, some outfits at the Met Gala missed the mark.

In last place was Kim Petras in Collina Strada. Known as “horse girl”, Petras showed up in a 3 dimensional horse costume with a horse face and a long head of hair. Although this look was very southern, it did not make sense with the theme nor did many people think it was elegant or Met worthy. 

Another disappointing look was the famous couple Hailey and Justin Beiber in Saint Laurent and La Maison Drew. For as fashionable as these two are, their outfits were extremely mediocre. Although they did coordinate with each other, it was just very bland. For the famous couple, the fans expected more. 

Kris Jenner showed up to the Met Gala in a look that suits her, but did not intrigue others. As she came in an outfit created by Tom Ford, all the attention from the fans were on her daughters Kendall and Kim. Jenner’s outfit choice was totally unrelated to the theme and she did her own thing. Kris Jenner came to the Met in an all black jumpsuit sort of outfit holding what looks like a chain with a ball hanging off of it. 

With another mediocre look, Addison Rae came in a red Tom Ford Gucci dress. Rae was also wearing a short blonde wig, and you were able to see her regular hair through it. Overall the look was kind of boring for her first Met appearance, many wondered how the TikTok star was even invited.

Last up is Jennifer Lopez who came in a Ralph Lauren cowgirl styled look. Although it matched the theme somewhat, this was not a look for the Met. Someone like Jlo herself has been to numerous events, so fans expect more from her. The dress itself was very flattering, but the hat was a bit much.