Upcoming WHS Prom Dos And Don’ts

With prom being one of the most anticipated nights of the year for juniors and seniors, there are several aspects of the prom preparation process that do not come easy to teenagers. At WHS, people start talking about prom around February all the way to the night of the event itself. With months to go, there is plenty of time to prepare for the fun night that awaits many, with much to do within this time. As an incoming junior, or even senior who has  experienced prom, there are always aspects of the day people wish they did better or knew before. This article serves as advice to every person planning to attend the prom this year by means of “do’s and don’ts” from observation of previous proms. 

 When looking for a dress, it is crucial to go in with an open mind about the \process. By trying on or ordering dresses with different styles, this allows the process of elimination to be much easier. One also may think they do not like the look of a dress on the rack or online, then end up liking it themselves. After buying shoes, breaking them in before prom is a definite yes because several people had to take off their shoes at prom last year or were getting blisters from walking around and wearing their shoes too long. Make sure when shoe shopping to look for stylish and comfortable shoes that will last a whole day’s worth of pictures, walking and even dancing. Another useful accessory to bring into prom is some sort of wristlet. Because the day is so long, many found themselves needing a phone charger, lip gloss and other personal necessities that were easily accessible in a small clutch. Lastly, and also the most significant, allow plenty of time on the day off to get ready. Many last year found themselves rushing up to the last minute, and sometimes even late to pictures. Make sure to schedule the day in advance, and even exaggerate the time needed because in most cases the time will be spent doing something forgotten. In order to stay calm and not stress about the getting ready process, scheduling beforehand is not a bad idea. 

On the other hand, the “don’ts” can be detrimental to the experience of prom 2023. If the train is too long, this can make for a stressful experience with much money down the drain. When it comes to dresses, make sure to get the train taken up just the right amount, so that the dress does not rip. Because of this happening often, it is also a good idea to not spend too much money on accessories and aspects that are not as important or noticeable. Being able to make use of old jewelry and heels, or even use someone else’s from last year, can save much time and money. On the same topic, it is important to not care if someone else wears the same dress; in the end it is all about the style one feels most confident in, and nobody really notices nor cares. Lastly, the inevitable spray tan talk. Although many do decide to get a spray tan, making the look complete and boosting their confidence,it is crucial to be cautious. Getting too dark or too light of a shade can end up ruining the look. Make sure to get a “test” spray tan, and find a color that matches right for one’s personal preference because at the end of the day it is all about what makes one more confident. 

With these few tips, the experience of prom no longer has to be stressful and can be seen as an unforgettable day.