Ways to Make Basic Costumes Unique

Halloween is the one day a year when anyone can dress up in whatever they want and claim to be something creative. Although it seems, especially in high school, many costumes are repetitive and all similar, there are ways to make the central idea of a costume more unique. With that being said, here is a list of several basic Halloween costumes and possible ways to amp them up in order to create a more original ensemble. 

The past few Halloweens especially, dressing as a fairy has risen in popularity.  From dressing as a mystical, glowing creature to Disney’s Tinker Bell, multiple variations of fairy costumes have become well liked. Wearing pieces such as a flowy, iridescent dress or mini skirt and top and buying fairy wings from Amazon or Etsy are some of the necessities to dress up as a fairy. To improve this costume, a wand, flower crown and sparkly makeup, including shimmery eyeshadow, highlighter on the high points of one’s face and a shiny lip gloss, are ideal. 

Using Pinterest is an extremely popular way to find Halloween costumes among teenage girls in October. Due to that, many of the same costumes show up on peoples’ Pinterest pages. A very popular costume this year is a pirate because of how simple it is to put together, simply by owning the basics such as a white flowy dress and a red hair scarf. As a consequence of how easy to put together and cute this costume is, there is no surprise how popular it is , but there are still ways to make it even more unique. Wearing a brown or black corset, tall black boots and fishnet tights automatically makes the costume more creative. 

A fairy and a pirate can easily be made into a group costume, but there are other costumes that are not identical yet they still pair up very well. A very popular duo costume for years has been the angel and devil. A way to change that is for one person to wear all white clothing with wings, and the other person to wear all black clothing and wings. This costume gives much room for interpretation. Depending on which direction is taken with these costumes, additions such as a halo, white boots and gloves for the light angel and a black halo or horns, smokey makeup with black boots for the dark angel can automatically boost these costumes. 

Superman, also known as Clark Kent, is another costume that has progressively become more popular over the past few years. For this look, people usually wear a Superman T-shirt with a jacket over it, glasses and jeans to complete the look. In order to make this costume more fitting to the character a loose tie, suspenders and a button up shirt un-done or half buttoned instead of a jacket, can make the costume just one step better. 

Although these costumes may seem somewhat unoriginal and overdone, there are many ways to originalize and make a costume more unique just by using creativity!