Best 2021 Holiday Wishlist Ideas for Teenagers

Best 2021 Holiday Wishlist Ideas for Teenagers

With the holiday season nearing, the anticipation for the perfect holiday wishlist is significant. Throughout 2021, there have been numerous trendy items serving as gift ideas that could have easily been forgotten about. As teens grow into their adolescent years, it can become harder to shop for gifts that satisfy wants and needs. Here is a wishlist to generate gift ideas for teens this holiday season:

First up is the classic Yeti water bottle. Reusable water bottles have become a crucial environmental need and serve as an eco-friendly gift. Yeti bottles come in all different colors and sizes and keep drinks hot or cold for long periods of time. For example, the Yeti 20 ounce Rambler Tumbler is a mid size bottle that has a mag slide lid perfect for on the go use. It is great for traveling and fitting into a work bag or backpack to be able to take a quick sip from. There are a variety of sizes that can be purchased at many stores or online places such as Amazon. 

The next gift can add the perfect touch when redecorating a room: LED or string lights. LED lights stick onto the wall and have multiple different colors and shades. String lights are hanging lights that are also known as “fairy” lights. Both types of lights can be found on Amazon or home decor stores. 

A classic present that never fails to disappoint each year is a speaker. For Generation Z, music is a big part of daily life, whether that be on the radio, in music class in school or just relaxing in free time. Music is a way for teenagers to express themselves with different styles and genres. Speakers are a great idea when it comes to teenagers because they last forever and will make parents their money’s worth. Speakers are sold at stores such as Best Buy and Walmart, or even Amazon. 

When it comes to winter clothing, flannel hoodies have become a staple for all genders over the past few years. Flannel hoodies are both comfy and cool. This article of clothing is something that many teenagers either have or wish for. The flannel and hooded sweatshirt combined form a trendy sweatshirt that looks good with any type of pants. This article of clothing can be found at places like American Eagle, Hollister, etc.Although slippers can be thought to be a “boring” gift, one would be surprised how trendy slippers have become. Slippers are a great gift to give or receive, especially during the winter time. They are an easy, last minute gift that can be picked up at Target, Marshalls, or any similar store. 

And finally comes stocking stuffers. Little gifts can be hard to shop for especially if one is trying to stay in their price range. Gift cards never disappoint and can be used for so many different things if one didn’t know what to get from a specific store. In addition, skin care items such as moisturizer, cleanser, face masks are easy and affordable stocking stuffers. Cloth face masks can also be put in to go with the theme or skin care. 

As teenagers grow up, shopping seems to become harder and harder each year. Trends always come and go, and what’s in one year will be out the next. One can never go wrong with anything from a simple gift card to clothing that will be worn daily. Even though it can seem like a hassle, one can not disappoint with the suggested items above. The items that are possibly “boring” to adults are gifts most young adults enjoy the most. Holiday shopping can now be a fun, non-stressful event for adults this season.