Ways To Spend Weekends In Winter At Home


Graphic/ Kristyn Dentremont

As winter is now back in full force, the struggle of staying inside for the season comes along with it. Because of the uptick in COVID-19 cases, staying inside is becoming more and more encouraged. Staying indoors and being able to be productive and entertained is not always easy, especially for teenagers during the weekends. Here are some ways to spend weekends in winter at home. 

The first way to stay mindful during weekends at home is doing something productive such as yoga. By incorporating things like stretching, walking or even an exercise like yoga, in one’s day, people can stay productive and feel good that some type of movement has been accomplished. Yoga is a way to release stress from the previous week and feel free with a fresh start. 

Another way to stay peaceful during off days is journaling. Although one may think this is like schoolwork, journaling can help get the steam off. When journaling, it is important to stay calm and be in a quiet space. The purpose of journaling is to de-stress after a long week to get things off the mind. Doing things like lighting a candle and sitting in bed while journaling is a peaceful way to relieve stress. 

The next way to entertain yourself during the weekend is to have a movie marathon. After a hard week at school or work, there is nothing one wants to do more than lounge on the couch and watch movies. Rewarding yourself with a movie marathon with friends and family is good for the well-being of one’s mind as it needs a break once in a while. Setting the scene with relaxing lights, a nice candle and some tasty snacks is just that right touch to the perfect movie night. 

Baking is an activity that is enjoyable and stress-free. Baking for fun is a great way to relax. It can also take up a bit of time while also being productive by baking for one’s family or friends. Some may think specific ingredients are needed, but there are ingredients at home that can be used to make numerous recipes. Looking up recipes and buying on the internet can also be a fun way to spend a Saturday or Sunday night.

Especially with COVID 19, the struggle to find things to do over the weekend is always present. Staying indoors while also being productive is a hard task, but with these suggestions, the challenge is no longer a problem.