How to Manage COVID-19 and Schoolwork

A guide to dealing with assignments while in quarantine.


Grapic/ Kristyn Dentremont

As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the schools, students are facing the difficulties of trying to keep up with work at home. Because everyone is back to school in-person, there are no Google meets for students to join and not all work is posted online. Students are also facing the difficulty of completing their work in whatever space in their homes that they are quarantining in. Students have to figure out a work/life balance that allows them to stay up to date on schoolwork while also relaxing and recuperating from COVID-19. 

Even with students being vaccinated, those who catch COVID-19 are still facing symptoms. Typically when sick, students only miss one or two days, but when they have COVID-19, most are missing at least five days. The first thing that students should do if they test positive is let their teachers know. This way, teachers and students can connect and the teachers have more of an understanding of why students are absent.

The next best way to allow yourself to stay focused is by setting up a workspace. Whether that means cleaning off your desk or gathering all the supplies you need, creating your own workspace is necessary to stay productive. Working in bed has proved to be less productive, and it can even lead to more negative effects outside of work such as less sleep and more stress. Creating a workspace for yourself will lead to being overall more productive while being stuck in quarantine. 

Another important factor to help stay productive is making sure you can stay active. Obviously, being in quarantine prevents more typical ways of being active, but there are always ways around it. Doing yoga or simple stretches can be a relaxant and a good way to take a break. Going outside or for a walk around the neighborhood, if you are well enough, is also a good option to get some fresh air and exercise. 

Other ways to relax that you can do in your room can be meditating, reading or drawing. Taking breaks is a really good way to maintain productivity throughout the day. Even while being stuck in your room, there are still ways to distract yourself and fill your time. Finding a new show on Netflix or making a playlist are also other good ways to relax. More relaxation will lead to recovering faster as well as being able to complete more work during the day, as stress levels will be decreased. 

These days, students are faced with navigating unprecedented times as COVID-19 continues to be present in schools. Students who contract it have to deal with the difficulty of staying up to date in their classes from home, which can be extremely hard while also being sick. However, there are still many ways to relax while stuck in quarantine, and relaxation is one of the best ways to fast track recovery and stay productive.