Spring Trend Predictions 2022

As the months pass and spring nears, the hunt for new trends is arising. During each season of the year, spring especially, the new trends bloom. For this upcoming spring season, there have been numerous guesses as to what the new and improved styles will be. Here are some predictions for the upcoming trends this flowering season.

Pastel colors such as light pink, purple and even blue make their way back to the top during the spring season. Pastel colors are a spring staple because they are simple, yet fun, and a fitting reminder of the earth tones that are prominent during the season. Since the colors tend to be lighter, putting designs or glitter over the color give them an extra touch. Adding designs such as a simple flower on the ring finger or white polka dots on all the nails could be uprising trends this season.

Overalls are an underrated springtime staple that could be dressed up or down. If it is cold outside, one could wear a long sleeve shirt under the overalls. When the weather becomes warmer, the overalls could be dressed with something like a tank top and a plain colored jacket to bring just in case. Colors such as yellow and pink, or even the classic blue are most fitting potential colors. 

Since the season is based around flowers, floral sweaters are a must this Spring. This could look like a plain colored sweater or hoodie with floral print of flowers embroidered onto the clothing item. This staple could be dressed with ripped white jeans or flared blue jeans to give the full springtime effect. Printed tops are becoming more trendy as the seasons pass, so the flower print would be fitting to the flowering season. 

Long skirts with ties and belts seem to be making a comeback this year. Short, pleated skirts in the fall and white, tennis skirts in the summer were the latest trends with skirts. It is only reasonable that long, flowy skirts become the new seasonal trend. These skirts could be paired with a fabric tie around the waist that matches the vibe of the skirt, or maybe even a belt depending on the design of the skirt. If the skirt has an elaborate design on it, matching it with a simple top would be fitting. A jean jacket could also be used as a simple way to add an extra layer and finish the looks. 

Lastly, pairing any of the previous shirts or pants with a pair of white Dr. Martens shoes would add the finishing touch to the outfit. This pair of shoes can essentially dress up any outfit. Along with making an outfit more fancy, they match with nearly anything. Pairing these shoes with a pair of jeans and a light sweater could make any outfit look good.

This spring, it is essential to have new fashion styles blossom into successful trends. With these suggestions, finding the perfect outfit for the springtime is no longer a struggle.