St.Patrick’s Day Traditional Foods

Even if you are not Irish, there are many ways to take part in the holiday. Indulging in Irish foods is one of many festive ways to participate in the day full of festivities. Irish food can be enjoyed all throughout the month of March, especially on St. Patrick’s day. Here are some of the food staples on St. Patrick’s day.

The first food is the traditional corned beef and cabbage meal. This staple has always been a classic loved by Irish people. The dish consists of corned beef brisket and cabbage with a side of potatoes and carrots. Although the list of ingredients is small, the prep and cooking for this meal is extensive. The corned beef takes about two hours to cook on top of the sides that take about half an hour to cook. Corned beef cabbage is an old fan favorite for St.Patrick’s day. 

Another Irish entree served on St. Patrick’s day is Shepherd’s Pie. Although corned beef and cabbage is the main meal served this day, Shepherd’s Pie comes to a close second. This meal consists of cheese on the top, mashed potatoes in the middle and beef or lamb on the bottom. Vegetables such as carrots and peas are an optional add in to the meal either on the bottom of the dish or on the side. The meal could also be topped off with gravy or a different type of glaze. 

Although less formal,  highly anticipated shamrock shake comes back every year at McDonald’s. This drink can only be found at McDonald’s and consists of vanilla ice cream, mint-flavor syrup, whipped cream and a cherry on top. The shamrock shake tastes like a minty version of the vanilla shake. On the menu this year McDonald’s has introduced a Mint Oreo Shamrock McFlurry to their menu. It consists of vanilla ice cream blended in with the shamrock shake syrup and oreo cookie pieces. This ice cream treat tastes like a mint- flavored Oreo McFlurry 

Another tasty dessert for St. Patrick’s day are lucky charm rice crispy treats.  The cereal gives the rice crispy treat a nice twist as well as the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. Although lucky charms are a year round cereal, when creating a dessert for St. Patrick’s day this can be a quick and easy dessert to make. 

These recipes are quick and easy St. Patty’s day staples that can be enjoyed on this day of celebration. Even if one is not from Irish descent, enjoying delicious foods on this day is a way to recognize the holiday.