Closet Cleanout From a Winter to Spring Wardrobe

With warm weather approaching, it is that time of year when most people transition from their winter to spring wardrobe. Everyone loves a fresh start at the beginning of a season and here are some tips that should set the spring cleanout on the right track.

The first step to a successful closet and wardrobe clean out is taking out the clothes and shoes that are not worn often and separate them from the clothes that want to be kept. Then, through the clothes that were put aside, look through and try them on if needed to decide whether it is worth keeping. Some things to think about when starting the clean out process includes deciding if it fits, if it is out of style, or if you still enjoy wearing it.

This system relates to the KonMari method during spring cleaning because the goal of her method is to figure out which items spark interest rather than choosing the clothes to get rid of. She encourages that everyone tidies by category and not by location, which is shown to be effective because when you gather all of your clothing into one area, it is easier to see how much clothes are owned and how much you need to get rid
of to clear out your closet.

This is effective because it differentiates the clothing that is not wanted, from the clothing that is seasonal and is able to be worn next year. Folding your clothes in a neat manner also frees up more space for new clothes. If the clothes you have are organized in a neat order, it allows room to keep more clothes or make room for new clothes and keeps the space less cluttered.

When thinking about what to do with the clothes that are not wanted, there are many different ways rather than just throwing them out. Donating clothes and shoes that are in good condition is a great option so the clothes are still being put to good use. Before thinking about donating, think about whether there is a young-er family member or a family friend that would be interested in taking the clothes instead.

Another effective way of giving away unwanted clothes is selling them on online websites like Etsy or Poshmark. This way, the clothes will be going to someone who wants them and it is a good way to earn a little money. When deciding whether to sell clothes online, one important step is making sure the clothes are in a good condition and to sell them at a price that is not too expensive for what the item is, so the clothes sell.

For seasonal clothing, the best way to move that from your closet is to make a storage bin to put away until next year. This is a good way to move clothes out of the closet, but still have them in case they can be worn next season. It also gives the closet more room for spring and summer clothes that are bought so it is not over-
flowing with winter clothes that will not be worn until the cold months.

With the extra space in your closet, it is perfect for new spring and summer clothes. Some styles to consider are flare leggings, mom jeans paired with a tank top or a graphic tee or matching work out sets, which are popular styles going into summer. This is also the perfect time of year to clear out jackets and sweatshirts from the closet to make room for t-shirts and shorts as the weather is improving. These tips should help start the closet clean out process and make it easier to decide what do do with unwanted or seasonal clothes.

If you have clothes that are in good condition, donating, selling, or giving the clothes to a friend or family member is a good way to give the clothes to someone who wants or needs it and get another wear out of it, instead of just throwing the clothes away.