2022 Prom Features Surprising New Dress Trends

The junior and senior prom made a comeback this past May after being on pause the last few years. Not only was this the first prom Walpole High School has held since the start of the pandemic, it was also a huge success for the school and students. The majority of the junior and senior class attended prom, and with that came trends that have never been seen before. Here are just some of the dress styles that were trending this year.

To start off, the colors of the dresses this year were all different; ranging from hot pink to black. Shades of blue and red were extremely popular colors this year for the junior and senior class. In addition, green was also a popular color this year. This color has made a comeback in fashion, making it an ideal and trendy color for a dress. There were colors that ranged from the classic and elegant look to those that were eye-catching and vibrant. 

As for the style of the dresses themselves, there were many recurring themes, one being the one shoulder look which was extremely popular this year.  The typical one shoulder dress looked something like an asymmetric neckline with a strap over just one shoulder. This style really added to the dress as there were numerous jeweley pairings one could do with this type of look. One being a big earring with no necklace or a small necklace with a small earring. 

Additionally, the dresses were more form fitting this year rather than the traditional ball gown looks. Most of the dresses had more of a tight or form fitting look to them, swaying away from the princess-like dress look. There were dresses that looked like that; however, most dresses were figure-hugging. 

Rather than a style in the front of the dress,  many dresses held similar themes of extravagant backs. The tie up the back look was a hugely popular look this year for both grades. This looked like an open back dress with the dress string tied in the back to pull the dress all together. The open back of the dress also had a low cinch where the dress ends. The tie up the back and cinch at the bottom of the back was extremely trendy and was the majority of the backs of dresses.

Sequins were also extremely trendy this prom season. Aside from having brightly colored dresses, some sort of sequins were also on the majority of the dresses this year. Sequins such as sparkles to brighten and shine the dress or even embroidery to create a cool pattern on the dress were significantly shown. Although sequins were popular, the dresses were very different and used the sequins in different ways and styles. 

Each dress present at this year’s junior and senior prom was unique and different to each person, however there were many themes that stood out this year,  these are just a few of the trending styles this prom season.