How To Maintain Motivation During the School Year

There are lots of ways for students to obtain motivation that lasts and manage the fluctuating stress levels they feel throughout the school year. At the start of school motivation in students is high because of the excitement and expectations that come with each new year. Each new school year brings an opportunity to change or to start new activities. Both family members and students have underlying stressors about the student’s success in school, especially as they enter junior and senior year. Although, students in any grade invest in school supplies with hopes for the new year.

Though many of the supplies do not get used, students do have intentions of staying organized throughout the year but either forget about the supplies they purchased or do not find them as helpful as they were hoping. The easiest solution for this typical issue is to not purchase as many supplies or to genuinely use the supplies. Lots of common supplies include assignment notebooks, colorful pens, and pencil cases. These school supplies can be used for school organization but also for balancing life and extracurricular activities. The easy fix, though, is learning to actually use the supplies every day, and especially for school.

Along with staying organized with supplies, maintaining a source of happiness outside of school is essential to prolong motivation throughout the school year. Whether it be hobbies or social time or something of interest to students, happiness out of school eases the stress of school. Anxiety from school has the ability to strip away any motivation that students have in the first few weeks of school. Finding time for happiness can give students reasons to rediscover their motivation for school, which will carry into other out of school activities as well. 

Students feel they have to figure out their highschool life on their own, but there are a multitude of resources for students to get through highschool. There are so many outlets where students can receive help or guidance if they need or want. Motivation can easily be maintained with the help of another person, which allows students to be taught how to maintain it by themselves in the future. 

Keeping busy can also help students maintain motivation throughout the school year. Something like having an after-school job or participating in a sport can increase a necessity for successful time management. Recognizing that there is less time to procrastinate, students—sometimes without knowing it—have better time management skills, strengthening their motivation.

Since different people have different methods of success, taking a break from a busy schedule can also cause students to regain their motivation. Getting to a point where students feel burnt out in their out-of-school lives cannot help with in-school motivation. Whether it be taking time to themselves or redirecting their focus on something new and not stressful, clearing up students’s schedules can uplift their spirits for both in and out of school.

The most important concept for either regaining motivation or for maintaining it throughout the school year is finding a happy medium. A happy medium can be different for every person. Some ways to do that is managing both the busy schedules and the clear schedules, considering organization but also stress levels, and seeking help whenever the student feels necessary.