“Ghost Files” Entertains Fans of BuzzFeed’s “Unsolved”


Due to popular demand, previous BuzzFeed producers Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej created their own ghost hunting show called “Ghost Files” after starring in Unsolved, a popular ghost hunting show run by BuzzFeed running from 2016-2021. In each episode they explore a different haunted site, then a seperate episode is released debriefing the evidence. 

Bergara and Madej started their own channel called The Watcher after leaving BuzzFeed where they produce a variety of different video series. In the past, they have produced ghost related videos on the channel, but because of the popularity of their ghost hunting show on BuzzFeed, fans encouraged the producers to make an actual ghost hunting show of their own.

In Ghost Files, the pair travel to alleged haunted sites all around the United States. With evidence given to them from other ghost hunters, they travel to those sites to see if they can capture any ghosts on their own. In each video, the hosts introduce themselves, Bergara as a believer in the supernatural, and Madej as a skeptic. Because of this, while Bergara tends to be anxious and scared during hunts, Madej is sarcastic, cracking jokes and making fun of his co-host. Each video follows the same format, The pair first explores the site together and analyzes each of the most haunted rooms on every floor. For an added fear factor and hilarity, after the initial hunt, they each are sent in to explore the building on their own for 20 minutes, but there is a catch, Madej usually goes in first, at the end of his turn he hides the walkie talkie they use to communicate. During Bergara’s turn, his 20 minutes only start once he finds the walkie talkie.

After every hunt, a separate video is released debriefing the event. The two go over what happened during their hunt compared to the evidence supplied to them from other ghost hunters, then analyze whether or not they witnessed an actual ghost.

Since the format throughout all of the episodes are the same, by the time the latest episode released, watching it became predictable and mundane. In their BuzzFeed show, while every episode was similar, it did not have the exact same format every time, therefore making it more interesting to watch. This time around, Madej and Bergara are more professional and show off their skills, which is good for ghost capturing, but not as fun to watch. The two got to goof around more in Unsolved, which was more entertaining for viewers. The fact that Madej and Bergara provide evidence from other ghost hunters causes their hunts to become a little boring because they are not going in and finding evidence themselves.

The skeptic vs believer brand they have, while toned down compared to Unsolved, is still prominent. In Unsolved, BuzzFeed used it to provide more funny moments. Bergara and Madej still use it in that way now, but they also use it to give each side a voice during hunting, especially during the debriefs. The debrief, while not necessary to watch, provides good insight.

Because they do not own BuzzFeed unsolved, it is understandable as to why they had to change some things; one, because they want “Ghost Files” to be original, and not just the same thing as Unsolved. And two, for plain copyright reasons.

Regardless of all of these factors, there are definitely good reasons to watch this show. Because Bergara and Madej made this show, they have more creative freedom that they may have not had in their BuzzFeed show. Over all, “Ghost Files” provides audiences a professional ghost hunting TV show to watch conveniently around Halloween and fans a way to reconnect with their favorite Ghost Hunters.