“Derry Girls” Returns for a Final Season

On Oct. 7, 2022 “Derry Girls” season three was released on Netflix and other streaming services. Fans have been anticipating the season for over three years since season two’s release in August of 2019. The season starts off with the main group, Erin, Claire, Orla, James and Michelle all up to their usual antics while still being surrounded by an overbearing sense of political uncertainty in their town, Derry. 

With the final season being set during a time of conflict in Northern Ireland, the storyline brings prior optimistic tone. The group is overwhelmed with the looming threat of graduation along with the possibility of the end to being “children of the crossfire”—written in the diary of protagonist Erin Quinn, bringing a close to both the group’s childhood and the violence surrounding them. 

Although the show is set in the 1980s, it relates to modern day teenagers. Incorporating stress about school work, highlighting new relationships— such as the budding relationship between Erin and James that was foreshadowed in season two and the overarching themes of good natured teenage fun. The relationship sparking between Erin and James came to no surprise to many fans who have been rooting for the couple since season one. 

However, all good things must come to an end, which occurred in the sixth episode of the series. The best friend of the protagonist, Clare, receives terrible news about her father being in the hospital mere moments after her first kiss at a Halloween party. The emotional ups and downs of this episode change the flow of the series into a more somber tone in the final season. 

The final episode ties together all three seasons of Derry Girls, through joining season ones feeling somber due too conflict around Derry to being part of the solution to end the violence by voting in the referendum on the Good Friday Agreement. Overshadowed by this is Orla and Erin’s joint eighteenth birthday party, to end on a memorable note for the group.

Lisa McGee, writer of Derry Girls, maintains the previously created balance of an entertaining storyline while following and incorporating the history of Ireland during this period. 

With fans still amazed by the character and storyline development through the seasons, the third season leaves viewers contemplating their own opinion on the final season. Although many fans felt satisfied, others believe the somber attitude of the group splitting up was not the best way to end the series.