Ways A Sunday Reset Can Benefit Students

After a long week, it is vital to check in with oneself, both mentally and physically. The “Sunday reset” allows people to refresh themselves and their minds in preparation for a new week while tackling the leftover chaos from the week before. By doing so, feelings of stress and anxiety are likely to decrease.  

“Sunday resets” continues to rise in popularity due to the spread of TikTok influencers walking viewers through “Sunday resets” and other routines in their weekly life. TikTok influencers who post family related content such as Emile Kiser or Cecily Bauchmann promote productivity in their own lives while also taking care of their children. Other TikTok influencers such as Alix Earle or Kylan Darnell promote the use of routines and days in their lives as successful people at a young age. Viewers look up to these  influencers as they are successful and seem put together, and therefore adapt these strategies into their own lives, for example, through “Sunday resets”. 

For many, creating a to-do list helps little or big tasks not become forgotten in the midst of the day. On occasions when not every task has been checked out, people may feel unaccomplished. However, that is not the point of these lists. Therefore, there needs to be a mental shift from feelings of failure to feelings of pride in what was accomplished in order for the “Sunday reset” to be as effective as possible. One needs to understand that these tasks are all simply suggestions and if they do not get done, that is perfectly fine. 

A Sunday should start with a to-do list of all the possible tasks that could be accomplished during the day, prioritizing the tasks that are more important than others. 

After creating a to-do list, it is time to begin getting things done. Starting the day with a made bed is  an important task as it makes one less likely to climb back into bed to rest, which promotes productivity. Additionally, breakfast is important to fuel one’s body before being productive for the day. Often, people forget to eat as a result of completing tasks back-to-back, but because breakfast is so important in being physically and emotionally productive, it is vital to begin the day with a sufficient meal.

Now, it is time to cut down some of the tasks. Simple weekly tasks such as laundry and cleaning the house are tasks to save until Sunday because it sets one up for an organized week and there is enough time to get it all done instead of rushing after school and/or work on a weeknight. Homework, journaling, reading and running errands are rewarding Sunday tasks as those are often things that become difficult because of how busy students are during the week. It is a good idea to carve out extra time in one’s schedule for relaxation on these days as well so one does not feel overwhelmed or overworked. 

Sunday night anxiety is something many people experience. Questions like, “is all my homework done?” “Did I set my alarm?” “What if I forgot about an assignment?” Along with many more are simple examples of what runs through somebody’s head when they are experiencing this school night anxiety. Sunday nights seems to worsen these thoughts as it signifies the end of the weekend and often people may feel as if they are not prepared well enough for the school week if there was no time to do any of these “Sunday reset” activities. Being productive and writing necessary to-do lists, assignments that need to get done out or plans of the week out promotes organization and as a result, reduces some of that stress.  

Sundays may look different for everyone. The commonality of the “Sunday reset” is the hope of reducing inevitable school week stress and anxiety. As the trend of “Sunday resets” increases, so does productivity, causing people to feel good about themselves and prepare for the week to come.