Routines are Necessary for a Balanced Life

Since the new year has kicked off, there has been the common theme of people creating resolutions to help better themselves as people. These goals may range from creating the healthiest versions of themselves, to trying to travel to new places. No matter what the goal is, the purpose of creating a resolution is to better a person as an individual. One new idea that can help people be productive and stay focused on what they want to accomplish in 2023 is by creating a routine. Creating a routine is a useful way to stay on track and not get distracted from everyday life, promoting a more stable lifestyle.  

The definition of routines can look different from person to person. Some people may only have a morning routine to start their mornings, while others may only use routines in school. No matter what time of the day, creating a routine for each part of the day can be beneficial as well as having a set schedule of what you will do in a day creates the certainty of knowing what  too accomplish. Not having that set schedule can lead to stress and feeling unproductive. Taking advantage of an agenda or calendar has shown beneficial progress in people reaching their goals by following a schedule and routine daily. According to Morning Statistics, 65% of people only have a set morning routine and nothing else. 

Some people may argue that routines do not help people achieve goals or feel productive however, that statement is inaccurate when routines are used for the right reason. There are studies done finding that creating day to day habits helps with mental health. According to Health Beat, a scientific reserach website, making a plan and reworking habitis into a persons life can help kickstart a healthier lifestyle. Routines have shown to help people cope with change and improve relationships with family and friends. Routines can also help with preventing substance abuse and other mental health disorders. 

As seen during the pandemic, inconsistencies and uncertainty in one’s life can lead to a decline in mental health. During the pandemic many people did not have a routine due to the rules set in place during that time period, and people were locked in their homes with nothing to do for long periods of time. The pandemic showed that not having a routine not only made people feel depressed and anxious, but also made people feel bored and unaccomplished. 

There are many examples of routines that a person can corporate into their life. Making a priority to have a set sleep schedule is important toimportant to everyday functioning.  Another type of routine can be for peoples daily routine and task they need to get done. A skin or hair routine can be another small daily habit that a person works into their life. Having weekend routines help finish the week strong after working or attending school all week. No matter the routine, the benefits that follow them outweigh the feeling of feeling lazy and not getting anything accomplished.