The Oscars Finally Improve Their Inclusivity

The Oscars are one of the biggest nights for movie and film lovers as the most prestigious and beloved productions and essential roles in film are recognized for their outstanding achievements. The 95th Academy Awards were held Sunday, March 12 at Dolby Theatre in Ovation Hollywood. In the past, The Oscars held lots of controversy from Will Smith slapping Chris Rock to their blatant lack of diversity around nominees. Host Jimmy Kimmel took a moment to recognize the elephant in the room, in a humorous light-hearted manner, as many wondered how the Academy would recover from its past. This year, there was more diversity seen among nominees and winners, pleasing many viewers after the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag from previous years. Along with the improvement of diversity, the Oscars have done an even better job of inclusivity for nominated movies. While it is easy for the academy to nominate purely box office movies, there has been an increase in movies that are not just blockbusters such as movies like “Women Talking,” giving a brighter hope for the future of movies for filmmakers, actors and actresses. 

The night consisted of some heartfelt speeches from the winners of Best Supporting Actress and Actor, Jamie Lee Curtis and Ke Huy Quan for their performances in “Everything Everywhere All At Once.” Quan fought through tears during his acceptance speech as he explained that he thought his dreams were over as he was unable to book another movie after his debut in both “The Goonies” and “Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom” as a child actor. Jamie Lee Curtis had an extra special win tonight as it was her first time taking home an Oscar. While Curtis has been in countless movies and has always put on an amazing performance, this made her first win even more notable and emotional for everyone. 

The event also sparked some surprises. While Austin Butler fans are both surprised and disappointed that he did not come home with an Oscar for his notable performance as the King of Rock, the Best Actor award went to Brendan Fraser for his performance in “The Whale.”   Michelle Yeoh was able to take home the win as the first Asian woman for Best Actress in the eleven-time nominated movie “Everything Everywhere All At Once” dominating the ceremony as it won Best Picture Award as well. This created an even bigger step towards diversifying the Oscars as the movie itself follows a Chinese-American immigrant along with her family. Making history again, for the first time an Indian film song took home an Oscar for Best Original Song called “Naatu Naatu”. From diversifying the nominees to steering away from nominating only blockbuster movies, it is very clear that the Oscars are improving and heading towards a brighter future for the film industry to include all types of movies and people, something that is just as big as an achievement as taking home an Oscar.