The Creation of the ‘Pole Parvenu: The Rebellion’s Blog to Uncharted Entertainment.




As The Rebellion morphs itself into a blog loving newspaper publication, it was only instinctive that as one of the Entertainment editors, I start the ‘Pole Parvenu. So, let me, Daria Grady and the rest of the Parvenu Crew welcome you to the blog that we hope will introduce this sports loving town to the hidden world of underground music, and maybe — if we’re feeling daring — movies.

As I searched for what exactly this blog would be named, I figured out one thing — I would obviously, and clicheing-ly need some alliteration.  I came across “parvenu” while browsing through the list of words in the thesaurus, and realized it perfectly described this little niche — “a person who has suddenly attained wealth of position, but has not yet gained acceptance in the upper class.” I have neither suddenly, nor slowly come into any money, but I have certainly never gained acceptance by the high school hierarchy. Now, this is no pity party for the nonjock, self-isolated, pretentious, hipster, but rather a commonplace for unrecognized- noteworthy entertainment.

This will often be an outlet for many of our writers (or very few of them) to talk about new, old, and unknown entertainment that has been released. The ‘Pole Parvenu is the outcast love-child between The Rebellion’s regular Entertainment Tab and The Vault. Weekly, I will be publishing new articles to uncover many hidden gems. A more than frequent pirating parvenu (alliteration is just one of my many hidden pleasures) will occasionally reap the booty of the treasure-laden galleon of international entertainment, to cannonball some unheard and unseen music and movies over the mainstream walls of society.

This blog deals with everything we find to be of some artistic value. The cultural significance of this planet we call earth will never be more present than through the articles and reviews we intend to write as the Parvenu Crew. Our opinions are not artistic gospel, but we hope over time that our ability to identify and appreciate entertainment value, at all levels of notoriety, will convince a few of you to enrich yourselves every Wednesday at the ‘Pole Parvenu.