Australian Artist, Lanie Lane Remakes a Classic Sound with Album “To the Horses”



Not soul, and not a man. I’ve defied all odds. Australian artist, Lanie Lane shows a mix of early rock ‘n roll, rockabilly, jazz, and blues. Yes, it’s almost soul, but not quite. Her first album, To the Horses, dropped last October featuring eleven tracks about love, heartbreak, lust, and hunger. Every song is accompanied by Lanie’s charming and raw voice along with her talented guitar playing.

To the Horses is Lanie’s self-produced album that was recorded in a matter of days. Lanie’s Amy Winehouse-esque voice is high pitched, gritty, yet warm and alive. Lanie wrote most of the songs on her album with a varying array of influences. Lanie’s first single off the album, What Do I Do, is a burlesque-cabaret-like tune with a chain rattling, all male chorus in the background. Another success on the album is her single, Ain’t Hungry, which debuted in America due to its appearance on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations.

There is no one cohesive genre to place To the Horses in, but it’s dynamic combination between classic 50’s rock, rockabilly and jazz will appeal to any fan of the genres. The album as whole doesn’t work together and the songs don’t connect in any way, other than featuring Lanie Lane’s voice, but all the songs are enjoyable, and To the Horses does not have one bad tune.

A little mashed up of completely different sounds, To the Horses, features multiple genres, but the one great constant is Lanie Lane’s lyrical talent and raw voice. Very similar to Amy Winehouse, with a subtle grown here and there, Lanie Lane is a talented singer and comedic writer that makes To the Horses a unique album.