The Fresh Aer Movement Takes Over the Parvenu




So this is quiet an unexpected genre for the Parvenu to cover, but let’s go with it. The duo, Aer, from Wayland, MA is quickly taking over the reggae and rap scene with their smooth guitar riffs and clever raps. Yes, the Boston area is not usually known for their rap, but rather for our violent rock songs that talk about Boston, the Red Sox, and drinking, but the rap scene in Boston is quickly gaining popularity due to Sammy Adams’ and Moufy’s attempts to build up a new type of hip-hop and rap. Now, with the addition of Aer, whose roots are a combination of indie rock, pop, and hip-hop the Boston rap scene is actually amounting to something.

At first listen, the guys from Aer sound like their originally California due to the immense summer-feel to their music. The difference between Aer and other rap artists is the way their lyrics flow. Most rappers brag about how tight their rhymes are, but Aer seems to let their lyrics flow over the beats with ease. Their easy going music is best described as child between Shwayze and Jack Johnson- both raggae and hip-hop, yet mellow and up beat.

Aer’s debut album The Bright Side dropped summer of 2012 and has a carefree rap-and-pop-type feel. The album is a frat house number one, with its summer and party atmosphere. The album had two singles, Floats My Boat and Like the Way, which both have the problem-free, easy living, beach feel to them. The island current enfused Floats My Boat and the guitar heavy Songbird exemplify the duo’s multiple genre influence, and which ever type of music they try to emulate, it’s always catchy.

Though The Bright Side is their most popular album, they released The Reach in 2011 with some star tracks. The album features their single, Feel I Bring, which has a more rock ‘n roll feel. The Reach is for any fan of Sublime, with the same raggae-rock influence. The album does have some other good tracks, but really none worth mentioning other than Feel I Bring.

The Boston-based group, Aer, has brought a new perspective of rap and is making the genre their own. I think it’ll take until next summer for the group to actually gain notoriety, as long as they come out with another summer album, which is all they do. They’re mainly a college-fan based duo, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they breached into the high school scene.

If you’re a fan, or think you might be one, they are coming to Boston this February for their tour.