Dan Auerbach’s Solo Album is an Unknown Version of the Black Keys

Dan Auerbachs Solo Album is an Unknown Version of the Black Keys


DownloadedFileThe lead singer of the well known Black Keys, Dan Auerbach, released a solo album in 2009, Keep it Hid, during downtime on tour with his band. Essentially, if you like the Black Keys, there is a guarantee that you will like Auerbach’s single album. Keep it Hid still has the Black Key’s 70’s rock-esque feel with swampy ballads thrown in the mix. In this album, Auerbach explores more of his lyrical talent and is able to dabble in softer tracks, while concentrating more on melodies than previously with the Keys.

In addition to Auerbach’s clear singing and guitar talent, in Keep it Hid, he tries his hand at percussion and even attempts to play the glockenspiel. This gives Keep it Hid the advantage that the Keys’ albums don’t have: a raw sound. Usually with the Keys’ albums, there’s a greased edge that prevents them from creating a natural sound, but on his own, Auerbach achieves this.

There are two sounds Keep it Hid really concentrates on: the swampy, distorted rock which is clearly heard in Heart Broken, In Despair and the elegant folk that is Whispered Words. Auerbach gives adds a surprisingly new flair to his album that the Black Keys do not, a slow and soft song. Bookending the album, Trouble Weighs a Ton and Goin’ Home  begin and end Keep it Hid with a refeshingly softer tone, that shows Auerbach can do something differently than when with his band mates. As well, in the middle of the album, Auerbach also gives listeners another slow, folk song, When the Night Comes. Coincidence that the albums most beautiful songs are at the begining, middle, and end? Probably not. Alone, he exposes a mellowed version of what we’re used to with the Black Keys.

But true Black Keys fans aren’t looking for folk, they’re looking for a bluesy, 70’s rock. Don’t worry. A majority of the album is dedicated to Auerbach’s signature sound. The Prowl cannot be told apart from a classic Black Keys song, along with Heart Broken, In Despair. Keep it Hid in general is an extension of the Black Keys sound, but the album does have its beautiful moments and shows a softer side to Auerbach. No fan of the Black Keys will dislike Auerbach’s solo album, and vice versa.