HollyWord’s Best of Spring Fashion

HollyWords Best of Spring Fashion


HollyWord’s got the scoop on all things fashion this Spring.  Wear what’s in style, and perfect for the spring time temperature.

It’s time to put your black jeans away and replace them with your pastel jeans.  Pants with color are perfect for the spring time.  You can even roll them up for the capri-look!

Jessica Alba rocks these pink pants, pairing it with brown boots and a light pink purse. Leann Rimes wears these pastel green pants with a neutral top and colorful scarf to go with it. leannjessica1

Take out the sheer button ups and anything with black and white stripes!

Stripes- Although stripes have been appearing in and out of fashion, it’s a good thing they’re back, mostly black and white.  Black and white stripes can be worn for a spring time outfit, a night out, even a job interview.  However you want to wear it is your choice. Take a look at these celebrities who rock the black and white stripes.

Ashley Greene keeps it simple pairing this “mostly black, but with white stripes” tank top with blue jean cuffed shorts.

Leaving a Tanning Salon in Studio City
Leaving a Tanning Salon in Studio City.

Victoria Beckham shows off her slender figure at a night out with a black and white striped dress.

Victoria Beckham











Most of the time, it works. But, the important thing you should know about black and white is that they don’t always make you look slender.  But, if you’re going for the whole “whale” look,  I guess it’s okay for Kim Kardashian.  No, just kidding. It’s definitely not okay.



Lauren Conrad wore the bright yellow Skaist Taylor Pamela Pleated Poplin Dress Cotton 24 Hour Fashion Show March 1 2013.Read more: http://www.celebritystyleguide.com/i-1-1-13423/celebrities/lauren-conrad/skaist-taylor-pamela-pleated-poplin-dress#ixzz2NWp4NVkn
Lauren Conrad at the 24 Hour Fashion Show March 1 2013 



Bright dresses- While some may argue that dresses are for the summer, it’s perfectly fine to wear it whenever you feel like it.  If the weather is warm, and you’re tired of pants, make your day a fun one with a bright colorful dress. Whether it be a maxi or fitted, spring colors are the essential!

Wear it with a cute pair of sandals.  Lauren Conrad’s bright choice, flowy hair, and nude high heel sandals put the look together perfectly!


Or, go for something less “solid.”  Selena Gomez rocks this floral, bright, maxi dress with heels while strutting the streets of Encino, LA.  It’s not about the length of the dress, clearly!

Selena Gomez- Los Angeles
Selena Gomez- Los Angeles