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Junior Siobhan Kemples A to Z Country Albums.

Junior Siobhan Kemple’s “A to Z Country Albums.”

The Canvas

Junior Siobhan Kemple's "A to Z Country Albums."
Junior Siobhan Kemple’s “A to Z Country Albums.”










In an effort to pay homage to the student artists here at Walpole High School, The Canvas is going to be posting student artwork via the popular social networking app Instagram on a daily basis. That way, anyone and everyone can see the fruits of the WHS Art Department on a regular basis. Starting today, we will be posting the Alphabet artwork from Ms. Sandra Allison’s Design II class.  The alphabet art work is a collection of pictures all fitting the same theme, like restaurants, fish, sports, and TV shows. Each box has a separate picture beginning with a letter from A-Z.  Look everyday at lunch to see a new piece of artwork at the Rebellion’s Instagram account: whstherebellion.