Tina’s Toning Tips: The Right Pre-workout Food


Christina Coville

Walpole is filled with very talented athletes who are always scoring touchdowns, hitting home-runs, and beating rivals.  But there is always room for improvement! With the right guidance, a perfect record could even be achieved.  What you eat before practice is crucial and can improve your performance dramatically.

Ever wonder what the right food group to eat before working out is?  bagel3The answer is grains.  Carbohydrates can make or break your workout. Stay away from carbs with a lot of fiber, such as avocados, nuts, and corn. Also, don’t become lazy before a practice or a game, and grab a granola bar.  A granola bar can contain too  much fiber, especially the ones that advertise fiber, and can cause gas and bloating which will slow you down drastically. Try to eat something light food that is easy and fast to burn.  A bagel with butter, noodles, toast–simple carbs like these are easy meals that function to make your workout much easier, providing you with energy that won’t slow you down.

images-1If you wake up at 5 am and are in need of a quick kick-start food, grab a Chobani Greek Yogurt! The natural sugars in the fruit and yogurt will give your muscles a speedy energy source.  Plus, it’s quick and delicious! There are so many flavors, it’s impossible not to choose at least one you prefer for your ride to the gym.

If you’re really tired after a long day of school and work and wondering what it will take to pull yourself up off your couch and drive to the gym, grab some quick energy. Find motivation through a piece of grilled chicken and veggies on the side.  If you’re not in the mood to cook, concoct a light protein shake together. You are probably wondering: why protein? Just a little protein will help fuel your muscles, heading directly to your blood stream to be picked up by your muscles.Whatever your taste buds desire before your workout, remember that your choice should contain some carbohydrates, some fat, and some protein.  The food you consume should be light enough that it won’t weigh you down.  So, avoid spicy foods, creamy sauce, fried anything, mayonnaise, and fruit juices and if you’re still feeling sluggish, it must be you!