Tina’s Toning Tips: Post Workout Food

Tinas Toning Tips: Post Workout Food

Christina Coville

A long, hard workout is guaranteed to leave an athlete hungry. They will go home and look for almost anything to eat because the hunger will get the best of us all. Nobody wants all of their hard work to go to waste though. There are many foods to eat after a workout that will help maintain the post-workout body.

downloadProtein is a key ingredient in post-workout foods. Eating protein after a workout will improve recovery, lessen muscle soreness, increase ability to build muscle, improve immune function, improve bone mass, etc. Eggs contain a lot of protein, along with carbs which are both significant to have in post workout foods. They are not high in calories, so that will not be an issue. Also, eggs are one of the few foods that naturally contain Vitamin D. There is not much of a difference in eating raw eggs or cooked eggs, so don’t be fooled by athletes eating raw eggs, like in the Rocky movies. Cooked eggs actually ¬†allow your body to absorb twice the amount of protein.


Hummus and whole wheat pita chips are another great post workout snack. Hummus (made from pureed chickpeas) contains both carbohydrates and protein, which is exactly what you want. The whole wheat pita chips will provide you with slow-release energy. The ideal serving 1/4 cup hummus with 1 whole wheat pita, which is 275 calories. This snack contains all the ingredients you need to keep you fueled for hours even after a workout.

If you’re craving something more substantial after a workout, a healthy peanut butter and banana sandwich will do the trick. Peanut butter gives nutrition to your muscles after a workout, and prevents the build up of lactic acid. Bananas will help to prevent post workout cramps because they have a lot of potassium.

These post workout snacks will guarantee to keep the body in shape and healthy. It will help to maintain the workout you just worked on. Follow these tips and anyone can have their ideal body in no time!