Ash’s Apps: iOS8 Pleases Apple Consumers

Ashs Apps: iOS8 Pleases Apple Consumers

Ashley Levya

ios8Finally, the iOS8 has made its breakthrough onto iPhones all over the world, but why does this update look so familiar? It seems as if Apple is competing with Android and converting Android features onto the iPhone. C’mon, if I wanted an Android I would’ve bought one in the first place.

Most iPhone users have downloaded it, but before being able to update your phone it needs a large amount of storage. The update needs a whopping 4.6 GB of space to even be able to get downloaded. Say goodbye to your pictures, music, and favorite apps! If you are just craving the new update, you have to get rid of the old to bring in the new.

The update does in fact come with “new” features. Just like the Android, the iOS8 consists of a new keyboard options like “SwiftKey” or “Quicktype”. But, the moment we have all been waiting for is finally here: being able to leave group messages and put certain numbers on Do Not Disturb! So, if you’re just totally annoyed with your mom who keeps telling you to clean your room, with one swipe you won’t have to hear it anymore. But you might just end up with no phone at all.

Have you ever been in the middle of the perfect selfie and an annoying sibling texts you asking to borrow god-knows-what? After downloading the iOS8, you no longer have to cancel out of your app to go and answer a text. Users can now drag down the text and reply a quick “No, get out of my room!” and immediately get back to your selfies!

While texting in group messages, does it ever get annoying when it says “your friends name & 26 others”? If your answer was yes, well, now your problems are solved! Group messages can now be named. For all your group messages from your “BFFs!” to “the fam<333” you will finally be able to tell them apart. Now, there won’t be anymore “oops wrong group message!” texts, which will no longer leave you wondering, “What group message? With who? Why aren’t I in it?!” The iOS8 could then possibly lead to less middle school drama!

Another useful feature having to do with texting is that users can now respond to a text without unlocking their devices. Now while sitting at lunch, you no longer have to worry about the classmate next to you reading about your “huge” slumber party this weekend that she wasn’t invited to. Or if you’re sitting next to your mom and you don’t want her to find out about you seeing that new rated R movie this weekend, no need to worry!

Overall, the iOS8 has left Apple customers satisfied. Aside from referring their “original” ideas back to the android’s design, the people at Apple truly listened to their customers wants and needs. They have successfully created an update with countless useful features. So, if you’re trying to avoid nosy siblings and parents from reading your “private texts” with “the girls <33” you should, like, TOTALLY press download! LOL literally download it. Now.