Ash’s Apps: Educational Apps Provide Helpful Studying Tools


Ashley Levya

Between texting, Snapchatting, and tweeting, one wouldn’t think that high school students could actually being using their new iPhone 6’s for educational purposes. Attempting to take the perfect selfie on snapchat is enough stress, why would somebody use their phone for anything else? However, PhotoMath, My Homework Student Planner, and Brainscape are all apps that can actually help you- without the stress of having to keep checking your unanswered snapchat (so sad).

BiHF0cXyOnce you realize your life isn’t over because of that open arrow, download these free apps that can drastically help you. Do you ever get home from school and just completely blank from everything you learned in math class that day (even though you were totally listening and not texting your BFFLs throughout the entire class)? Well, PhotoMath can help! The app can provide you with all the steps to the equation and will show you how to get the answer. Some may see this as an easy way to getting out of homework, but the app actually will help you learn how to do the problems yourself. After you take a picture of the problem the app displays each step in order and the solution. Even though the app provides you with the answer, it also shows you how to correctly get the answer so you can start doing your homework all by yourself (oh joy!).

unnamedAnother problem all teenagers have is forgetting to even do their homework. Yes, daily planners do work for some people, but for most, the prospect of actually checking a planner is unlikely. If you’re reading this now and thinking, “Oh shoot, I forgot to do my English essay” then this app is perfect for you! Download My Homework Student Planner (don’t worry, it’s free so you can still spend your iTunes money on the new Taylor Swift album). While you are in the middle of performing a private Taylor Swift concert in front of your mirror, your phone immediately interrupts the music to alert you about your history worksheet due tomorrow. Now that your whole family is relieved that they don’t have to listen to your “beautiful” singing, you can click that you have completed the assignment. When you finish assignments the app provides you with a “reward” of random coupons you can obtain through your email. Not only are your siblings ecstatic the ear piercing tunes from your bedroom finally stopped, you can all get a free ice cream from Friendly’s with any kid’s meal! Woohoo talk about a deal! The app is helpful because it not only reminds you to do your homework, but it also gives you motivation to complete the assignments. Now you’ll love finishing your homework; maybe tomorrow you’ll get a coupon for a free iPhone! (Kidding, the app isn’t that generous).

brainscape-logoWhen midterms and finals week roll around, students are left feeling hopeless trying to find old tests’ flashcards. While praying that you didn’t throw the flashcards away along with the exam that you failed, you wish there was an easier way to keep track of all your things (because there is no way you can find anything in your disaster of a room). The free app Brainscape can help you big time in situations like this. The app allows you to create your own deck of flashcards (which also lifts the stress of having to write out each notecard individually). Now you can put your texting skills to the test and always have your note cards handy! No more searching all over for your old study tools, they will always be with you! And if you also misplaced your study guide which had all test topics on it, you can choose one of the subjects the app has provided for users. It contains hundreds of subjects’ flashcards and games to help students study. Moreover, unlike its competition Quizlet, Brainscape gives more than just other students’ flashcards, it also provides users with more generic decks of flashcards in order to cover a topic less specifically than other decks on Quizlet. Even the process of making the flashcards is a good study tool, so the app’s well-structured format that keeps all of your note cards organized and ready to use.

Seeing as the first term is over, downloading these apps for the next three terms can really improve your homework and study habits. Even though homework no longer is contributed to your grade, these can also help diminish one’s constant after school time with teachers due to missing assignments.  You will not only be more organized, but you will actually find studying and doing your homework to be easier and even more enjoyable. So whatever problems you had with homework and studying this past term can be easily solved with these helpful educational apps.