Ash’s Apps: Trivia Crack is the New Addicting Game

Ashs Apps: Trivia Crack is the New Addicting Game

Ashley Levya

The 6 characters of Trivia Crack: Geography, Science, Art, Entertainment, History, and Sports.
The 6 characters of Trivia Crack: Geography, Science, Art, Entertainment, History, and Sports.

Do you want to show your friends how smart you are or at least make them think that you’re smart? If the answer was yes, download the number one free app on iTunes right now: Trivia Crack!

By connecting to your Facebook account, the app can view your friends so you can then challenge them to a game. Remember the game Wheel of Wow from The way the game chooses your trivia question is just like that — a spinning wheel randomly selects one of the six subjects. Your questions can be about history, sports, science, entertainment, art, geography, and the wonderful crown spot that lets you win a character immediately if you get the question right. But if you don’t land on the crown spot, you have to get three questions right in order to get a character. Whoever gets a character for each category first wins the match.

Each category has an image that represents itself on the wheel; entertainment is popcorn, history is a knight, art is a paintbrush, science is a test tube, sports is a football, geography is a globe, and the crown is… yes, you guessed it, a crown!

If you’re looking for the app to be more competitive, you can challenge other players and steal their characters that they have previously earned. Challenging your opponent can lead to some tension and you might even receive a threatening chat message from them in the top right corner of your screen. “Beth, if you steal another one of my characters I am not making you dinner tonight. Love, Mom.” (Ouch).

Trivia Crack definitely lives up to its addictive name (which hopefully none of you know nothing about). The game basically forces users to not go more than two days without playing the game, for each one only lasts two days long. If you fail to answer when it’s your turn, your game will be deleted. Therefore, the app fuels the player’s addiction so that players feel as if they NEED to play the game so they don’t lose all of their “hard work.” Along with that time limit, you also have a nail-biting thirty seconds to answer each question. If you fail to answer correctly, users then have to wait for their competitor to answer incorrectly in order to have another chance.

If users are anything like me, they will use their thirty seconds to scream their trivia question to the smartest kid in the class so they can prove to their BFF that they are, in fact, smarter. And if once again you’re anything like me, CP2 math class is not a good time to play the game, so use that thirty seconds to google that tough question: “Who is our vice president?”