Hallway Talk: Tardy Policy Varies in Effect for Different Students


Melanie Caneja

For this segment of Hallway Talk, students were polled during Block C on January 26th and Block D on January 30th.

QUESTION: What is your opinion on the new tardy policy? Has it affected you in any way?

Senior Jared Splaine: “It hasn’t affected me much, but it’s more confusing than anything. I think we should get more freebies.”

Sophomore Jillian Sweeney: “It’s kind of dumb that you can only be tardy three times because nothing happens in homeroom anyways. I’m never late because the people I come with are on time, but it’s kind of ridiculous to see all the kids that have to run to homeroom.”

Junior Kyle Healy: “I think it should be more tardies before you get a detention.”

Senior Emma Sewell: “It makes me want to stay home if I’m late instead of coming in to school so I don’t get an hour.”

Senior Brendan Wohler: “It should reset after every term, at least.”

Sophomore Elyse Good: “It hasn’t affected me because I’m always on time. I think it helps prevent the long lines outside the attendance office. But I do I think having tardies for being a minute late and getting an hour is absurd.”

Freshman Matt Morris: “It’s not good because it’s unfair and teachers don’t enforce it equally. Also, it’s affected me negatively because my sister is late getting ready everyday so I had to get an hour because I was a minute late to school a few times.”

Senior Ruthie Webber: “I’m always getting an hour, just all the time. That’s it. I’m like 30 seconds late to class, like what do we do in homeroom.”

Junior Zariah Day: “I don’t approve of it because it’s not fair. What if every student is late, then what? Does every student get detention? Like, say if I’m late everyday? What are they gonna do? I think it’s stupid if you go to detention for being late.”

Freshman Emily Ball: “It hasn’t affected me since I take the bus, so I’m never late.”