Hallway Talk: Students Weigh in On What to Do with Snow Days


Melanie Caneja

This survey was done during Block E on February 11th.

QUESTION: What do you think we should do with all the snow days?

Freshman Carter Knott: “I think we should take off April vacation, I don’t want to go on Saturdays…I heard that was an option.”

Freshman Gayle Cataldo: “I’d rather get them taken out for April vacation than go into summer.”

Sophomore Luke Berardinelli: “Probably take days off of February vacation, but that’s kind of short notice.”

Junior Nicole Bogrett: “I think they should extend the school day or have us go on Saturday.  They should not take away April vacation.”

Sophomore Kyle Barry: “Just tack them on at the end of the year.”

Freshman Darragh Fahey: “Cancel spring break, like April vacation.”

Senior Justine Brown: “I feel like they could take a couple days out of April vacation, but it makes more sense to add them at the end of the year.”

Senior Joe Burke: “Use [the snow days] to plow out the parking lot which they obviously haven’t.”

Senior Caitlyn Hurley: “Nothing. I mean as long as seniors don’t have to come back for April vacation.”

Sophomore Vasili Boustris: “Make the days longer.”