Hallway Talk: Should a One-Week March Vacation Replace February and April Vacations?


Christina Coville

Students were polled Friday, March 13th during Block D.  Feel free to comment on post to express your opinion.  

QUESTION: Should a one-week March vacation replace February and April vacations?  If the school switched to a March vacation, the school year would end a week earlier in June.

Sophomore Tess Lawlor: “I like vacations how they are.”

Freshman Zach Schultz: “I think that would actually help if we get out earlier, because it’s in between both, and we get more summer.”

Freshman Danny O’Leary: “I’d like that. I think that it would make it a lot easier, and February is a waste of a vacation since Christmas vacation is right before it.”

Freshman Diego Dorronsoro: “It’d be good because summer would be longer and I hate staying in school when it’s hot.”

Sophomore Sarah Stanton: “It’s nice to have vacation split up because if you have it all at once, it’s harder to get through the year, but getting out earlier in the summer would be nice too.”

Senior Bailey Burkett: “I don’t know. I like it, but at the same time I feel like February and April would be way too long.  It’s a good idea, but I like it the way it is.”

Freshman Lena Astarjian: “I would be fine with that. It’s my ideal situation since summer would be longer.”

Sophomore Mia Stracia: “That would be awesome because we’re getting out so late this year.”

Senior Larry McCarthy: “ I think that it’s a good idea because going to school in the summer is a lot harder.”

History Teacher Christopher Jean: “ There is no need to overreact to one particularly brutal winter and jump to a conclusion.”