Hallway Talk: Upperclassman Weigh in on ‘Promposals’


Christina Coville

Students were polled Thursday, April 2nd during Block D

QUESTION: What is your ideal promposal?

Senior Egan Dunne:  “Go to a Bruin’s game and have prom written on the jumbotron.”

Senior Pat Donovan: “I would ask with sign and bring flowers and candy.”

Junior Cory Cisternelli: “Let balloons fly and stuff.”

Senior Olivia Knight: “With food.”

Junior Kenny Uhlar: “Ask her through text.”

Junior Matt Moriarty: “I would like to spell prom out with fireworks on the Fourth of July…a year early.”

Senior John Henri: “I would like to ask them by writing prom on the slip inside the fortune cookie.”

Junior Shannon Baker: “With food.”

Junior Charlie Harrington: “Ask with a sign and flowers.”

Junior Brooke Carde: “With a box of donuts saying ‘I donut want to ask you but there’s no one else…PROM?’”