Hallway Talk: Students Get Excited For Prom


Christina Coville

Students were polled Thursday, April 30th during Block D.

QUESTION: What are you most excited about for prom?

Junior Ryan Tierney: “Seeing my hot date in her prom dress.”

Senior Olivia Knight: “Looking pretty.”

Junior Jimmy Mckenna: “Dancing and looking nice.”

Senior Jack Donnelly: “Seeing all the beautiful women.”

Senior Tommy Helm: “To get dressed up and take pictures because there is a lot of preparation that goes into it.”

Senior Morgan McLenan: “To get dressed up and see everyone else dressed up.”

Junior Cory Cisternelli:  “Looking fresh.”

Senior Lindsey Bruen: “Eating a nice cupcake after I take my dress off.”

Senior Pat Donovan: “Seeing all my fellow handsome classmates.”

Senior Nick Shea: “Dancing.”