Ash’s Apps: BuzzFeed Provides Users With a New Way to Get Information


Ashley Levya

The BuzzFeed logo.

Usually people pass time by just playing a game on their phones, which can get pretty boring. However, now, without the stress of having to fit your favorite magazines into your purse/pocket, you can navigate to the App Store and download the BuzzFeed app.

BuzzFeed is basically just a handheld magazine, so you now don’t have to worry about forgetting your new People magazine at home. This app updates every day so users will always be seeing something new. When you’re looking to waste time — whether it’s in class or at a job — this app is filled with all different things you can focus on.

When first downloading BuzzFeed, you are asked to create an account and to select the topics you are most interested in (music, politics, sports, music, style, food, celebrity, etc.) Whatever you select, the provided topics are the only subjects that will appear on your feed. Similar to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, Buzzfeed users swipe upward while on their customized “feed” in order to read the content and look for something intriguing. Also, similar to other social media applications, if a user likes what they see, he or she can literally “like” the post by clicking one of the icons below the article stating “LOL,” “Cute,” or “Win”.

Unlike a lot of media platforms, BuzzFeed uses an informal style in order to inform modern users while also keeping the content interesting. Known for its humorous lists, quirky human interest articles, silly quizzes, and casual twists on traditional news stories, BuzzFeed is a great way to keep users informed about current events and pop culture without boring them to death. Our generation is becoming harder and harder to impress, but luckily, the BuzzFeed app is just as entertaining as it is informative, which helps keep millennials’ attention more than other sources. Additionally, the clean and modern interface is visually pleasing for users, which makes the reading experience more enjoyable.

If for some reason you have to quickly return to whatever you were supposed to be doing, users can simply bookmark where they left off and come back to it later. So, next time your boss or teacher walks by, simply click “bookmark” and continue to diligently work on whatever important assignment is expected from you. Now, stop wasting your precious time on Twitter reading non-stop dramatic posts of how Tina “LITERALLY CAN’T with Liv’s constant boy drama” and go download BuzzFeed.