Basic Advice from the Bandana Blogger


Bandana Kid

Just a basic bandana here, hoping to help you out.

Everybody gets 4 years to go to high school, fill up graduation requirements, solidify friendships, juggle clubs and activities, maintain sanity, and more.  Sometimes, it can be a little more than anyone bargained for (even though technically we never signed up for this.)  Still, take it from someone who knows that “life is tough.”  I may not be the most hip and with the kids these days as a senior in high school, but I can relate to my peers.  Need some cheering up?  I’m all about comedy (just ask last year’s AP Language & Comp. class).  Don’t know how to handle all that homework?  Great, nobody’s ever really sure, but as a veteran procrastinator I may have some tips to help you meet those deadlines.  Don’t know what color shirt to wear next Tuesday?  I will happily go out of my way to look up color theory and horoscopes to let you know if luck’s coming your way.  Friend drama? I’ve been there too.  Even if it’s not personal advice, but just general “what’s what” in the world, send me a question.

As high schoolers, none of us really have our lives together yet, but this bandana-wearing blogger is here to help you get through it.  The askbox is open.

– Basic Bandana

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