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Bandana Kid

Why is death inevitable? But seriously what advice would you give to freshmen that you wished someone had told you when you were a freshman?

Howdy!  For the readers who don’t already know, “death is inevitable” has become a popular saying among the seniors who take AP classes. Death is inevitable and will eventually claim us all.  There’s no way to avoid death because no matter how old you get or how safely you live, you will die someday.  Reassuring, right?  People have been saying it both ironically and as a way to say, “Screw grades and college applications, I’m going to die later anyway!”  You can also try to take it as a positive, yolo kind of thing (yes I know I’m dating myself with that one.)  Live your life now, kids, do stuff that makes you happy, be nice to people, make the most of high school while you’re in it (or try not to hate it—it’s a waste of your time and energy.)

If I could go back and tell my freshman self something… I’d say something similar to what I put above.  There’s not much to gain from hating people and hating on stuff, and if you want to make the most out of things, make friends.  But how do I make friends, you ask?  Be genuine with people.  Ask someone regularly how they are doing, tell people they look good when you think they do, offer a joke or advice if you can, don’t be afraid to set people straight with some facts when drama goes down.  That’s one thing I really have to hand it to for the seniors this year: they really do look out for each other and encourage each other, pick friends up when they’re down and cheer them on when they’re on a roll.  There’s a lot you can gain from just smiling a lot (yes, cliche I know) but in the wise words of Tay-Swift “the haters gonna hate hate hate and I’m just gonna shake shake shake it off.”  Be salty all you want, but do it in good company, like finding some friends to complain about the economy and inevitability of death.

Play nice, kids.

Bandana Kid

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