Fall Fashion Embraces Both Old and New Trends


Rebecca Boyajian

Outerwear: This fall outerwear is most commonly worn layered over tees, flannels or sweaters for an extra layer of warmth. Denim jackets can easily be transitioned from summer to fall by pairing it with a long sleeve tee or sweater. In addition to the denim craze, bomber jackets have been reintroduced this season. Similar to denim and bombers, military jackets provide a stylish extra thermal layer.


Shoes: Options are endless for footwear this fall with slip-ons, sneakers and boots.  Pair jeans with any of the above options, and you’re good to go! Black and grey boots paired with jeans and a bomber make for a contemporary and chic look, while cognac boots can be paired with jeans and a military jacket for a classic, crisp fall outfit. If boots aren’t your thing, fashion sneakers have been on trend on as well. Black and white adidas, Vans slip-ons, and Nikes can all be coupled with jeans for a cool, casual look, or paired with joggers if you want to be comfy but still fashionable.


Vests: Returning every season, vests, a fall style staple, have finally made their way back into wardrobes with the cooler temperatures now approaching. Whether it be a quilted vest from stores like J.Crew, or a cozy, fleece version from Patagonia or The North Face, these sleeveless yet toasty fashion pieces have claimed their spot as a fall fashion favorite each year. Top them over a sweater, flannel, or hoodie and you’re ready to brave the cold!


Scarves: Besides the classic chunky-knit scarves most every girl sports throughout the chilly months of fall, another type of neckwear is new to the game: the bandana scarf. Popular throughout the summer and simply shifted into the fall, these adorable kerchief-type scarves have made a major comeback. Paired with a plain tee and any variation of jacket over top, these scarves have a magical ability to complete any outfit. While not so much protecting your neck from the chilled autumn air, sometimes it’s okay to make a sacrifice or two for fashion’s sake.


Chokers: These popular necklaces have been very up-to-the-minute throughout the summer and now heading into the fall, are sure to remain in vogue. Although circa 1990, these super tight, super trendy necklaces have surely made a name for themselves in the 21st century. Similar to their cousin the bandana scarf, chokers seem to add extra flare to any outfit and can be sure to make you look trendy.