Best Gifts of 2008

Caroline Cohn

Most are excited that the holidays are right around the corner, but for many, the countdown to Christmas is a frenzy of last-minute shopping and is filled with the stress of  buying perfect presents for everyone on their list.  Fortunately, Walpolians young and old can be satisfied with gifts that make this years list of  popular gifts.  


Top Three Gifts for Guys

1. Tickets—Sports or concert tickets are always popular and easy gifts that can be customized to please any guy on your list.  With the Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox, and Patriots making Boston the envy of the nation, any sport’s ticket is a welcome holiday gift.


2. Call of Duty 5: World at War—This videogame won Modern Warfare Game of the Year and is at the top of every gamer’s list.  Part of the popular series, Call of Duty 5 improves on the previous four games by involving the entire globe in war, providing the most excitement yet.


3. iPod—With Apple constantlyupdating their products, you cannot go wrong with ipods, itunes gift cards, or accessories.  The ipod touch is 2008’s newest item, adding a touch screen to the already popular ipod as well as new features like Google maps, Youtube, and an abundance of free games.


Top Three Gifts for Girls

1. Digital Camera—Digital cameras aren’t new to 2008, but there are always smaller and more advanced versions to be had.  And with Facebook’s continuing popularity, cameras will always be in demand to take and upload new pics.


2. Uggs—Everyone who said that Uggs were a one-year craze was wrong—they may actually have the potential to last two years.  New colors and styles—such as clogs and slippers—are keeping this bewildering fad in high demand this holiday season.


3. Clothes—Teenage girls are as materialistic as ever this holiday season, and clothes from their favorite stores are always a safe bet.  Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch are the traditional favorites, but this year PacSun and other lesser known stores are making Christmas lists as well.


Top Three Gifts for Kids

1. Nintendo Wii—This expensive game system is popular with kids, but can be enjoyed by the entire family.  Allowing players to virtually interact with the screen creates an entire new level of participation in video gaming.


2. Bakugan—Move over Pikachu, Deka is the new favorite battling creature in town.  Pokemon is back again with Bakugan, a Pokemon spin-off that is generating as much enthusiasm for this generation’s kids as Pokemon did less than a decade ago.


3. Anything from Disney royalty—High School Musical paraphernalia, Jonas Brothers posters, and Hannah Montana music may make you cringe, but it will bring a smile to many a middle or elementary school aged kid’s face this holiday season.


Top Three Gifts for Parents

1. Automatic Car Starter—If this past blizzard has taught us nothing else, it is that nobody likes to freeze in the car while it warms up.  This popular and practical gift will please anyone with a car—or anyone who ever rides in one.


2. Restaurant Gift certificate—This gift can be enjoyed by both parents together and offers them a night out.  It’s a quick, easy gift, yet it’s still thoughtful.


3. Tools/Kitchenware—Tools or any items for the kitchen can always be found easily, and they are practical gifts that never go out of use.  There is always something to buy from these two categories that your parents may need or want, no matter how cluttered you think your kitchen or toolbox already is.