Achieve Your 2018 Nutrition Goals


Tara Gordon

Big Bear Cafe & Espresso Bar:

On the corner of Dedham Center, you will find Big Bear Cafe & Espresso Bar: a cozy coffee shop that offers fresh treats to start the day. Big Bear’s specialty? Toast. Yes, toast. However, this is not like the avocado toast recipe you can find on Pinterest. Big Bear offers a different take on the simple breakfast food, with combinations of artisan breads, fresh fruits, and tasty spreads that will make for a healthy breakfast. Upgrade the standard peanut butter toast with Big Bear’s “Mama Bear,” which consists of Vermont made peanut butter, homemade apple sauce, and sweet cinnamon sugar all on a toasted baguette. Whatever breakfast you may choose, it must be paired with one of Big Bear’s beautifully crafted lattes. Although you can’t go wrong with a hot cafe latte, Big Bear’s seasonal drinks will do more than satisfy your taste buds. With a healthy breakfast and tasty latte, Big Bear Cafe will make your New Year’s resolution a bit easier to stick to.

Bowl Boyz: It may be hard to believe the next favorite breakfast stop is an orange food truck that resides behind a Staples in Norwood–but think again. On 10 Industrial Way, just beyond the Walpole-Norwood town line, lies Bowl Boyz: the healthiest food truck in our community. Bowl Boyz offers state-of-the-art smoothie bowls, which each customer can design to their liking. The first step is to choose the smoothie itself: a flavorful acai bowl or a bright pink pitaya (better known as the dragon fruit) bowl. Next, add granola for a source of protein. Finally, select the toppings; first, from all of Bowl Boyz fresh grown fruits. The final touch is the sweetest: choose from nutella, peanut butter, agave nectar, and coconut flakes to be drizzled over your bowl. The best part of Bowl Boyz? The sky is the limit. Not only are there dozens of options to choose from, but you can add as many fruits and sweet spreads as you want. Don’t be afraid to break the bank when filling up a bowl with dozens of different fruits: for a small ($8.00) or a large ($10.00), you can get all the tastiest toppings without any extra charges. Bowl Boyz’s orange truck does not run on a routine schedule; however, they are typically open for business 5 days a week. The best way to know Bowl Boyz’s hours is through their Instagram account: @bowl_boyz. Follow them, and you are one step closer to creating the healthy snack of your dreams.

Organic Buzz:

Non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, 100% organic: these are the natural ingredients used in all of Organic Buzz’s healthy eats. Organic Buzz, located within River’s Edge Village in Norfolk, is a recently opened cafe that is sure to boost your new health kick. As stated in their slogan, they will help you recognize that “yes, healthy food can be delicious.” Organic Buzz’s menu is extensive. From coffee to a unique juice bar, the drink options are endless. Not only are the smoothies and juices already packed with vitamins, minerals, acids and enzymes, but you can even add a wellness shot (Flu Shot, AntiInflammatory, Energy, Digestion), each made of different fruits and veggies. For an Instagram worthy picture, choose one of Organic Buzz’s smoothie bowls, like the Apple Pie Breakfast Bowl, which includes apple, banana, coconut milk, oats, flax, chia, apple pie spice. When eating at Organic Buzz, be sure to stay and eat in their calming and quaint atmosphere. With a tasty menu and ambience, Organic Buzz is a hangout spot that can help achieve your 2018 goals.