Local Halloween-themed Attractions that Put the “Trick” in “Trick or Treat”


Photo/ 365thingssouthshore.com

Catherine McLellan, Lifestyle Editor

When looking for a fright, these popular attractions will certainly suffice. 


Barrett’s Haunted Mansion

Set in Abington, MA, Barrett’s Haunted Mansion is a haunted house with many different rooms and characters that try to scare the audience. There are different themes throughout the house— such as a school theme or a magician theme— and the event also includes features like strobe lights and smoke. In addition to the haunted house, they have the Sanctuary, where one will “experience what it’s like in the veil between life and death.” This attraction focuses on themes of redemption and perdition. The mansion also hosts “Darkness Unleashed,” this event is one night only and occurs on Oct. 30, 2019. On this night, the house is all dark with only one source of light and the actors that play the haunted characters no longer have to abide by the rules, such as not touching attendants. Another feature is the “Lights On Tour,” which is a guided tour through all the attractions and backstage. The tickets cost 30 dollars for general admission, which allows entrance to both the mansion and the Sanctuary; however, buying separate tickets for their other events is required. Barrett’s Haunted Mansion is open through Nov. 2, so head to their website to check out specific dates and hours. 


Haunted Hayride

Every year, Norfolk County Agricultural School (The Aggie) puts on a Haunted Hayride through the woods and around their campus. Each grade has a certain theme and the students create different areas of the event. Usually, there are students dressed in Halloween costumes that will interact with the people waiting in the line. The line can get very long and it forms pretty quickly, so it can be beneficial to arrive early. There are always refreshments— such as hot chocolate— provided and all the profits from this event go to the students. The Aggie students do a great job of creating a realistic haunted house that will surely spook all viewers. The Haunted Hayride will take place on Oct. 25 and Oct. 26

SCREEMFEST Canobie Lake Park

Located in Salem, NH, Canobie Lake Park’s “SCREEMFEST” is a seasonal attraction that takes the fright factor to a whole other level with five haunted houses. Each with a different theme, these houses appeal to many audiences. The first attraction, “Facility 235” revolves around the storyline of workers who were trapped in the aforementioned facility and the effects that radiation had on them. Another house, “The Culling,” explores the vanishing of townspeople with only the town elder left behind. Others include “The Canobie Lake Hotel,” which is an abandoned hotel; “Carnivus,” which has a carnival theme; and “The Village,” which details the events of a mining village haunted by the spirits of two boys who never returned after exploring a mine. In addition to their haunted houses, this event incorporates fun and games for those who may not enjoy such frights. With “Just for Kids” that takes place in “Kiddieland,” the park does not have any haunted characters, and children can engage in activities such as a petting zoo and kiddie rides. There is also “Rocktoberfest” that features live performances of tributes to famous rock bands, such as Kiss and ACDC. Likewise, there are arcade games available to play during SCREEMFEST. To check out the prices and hours, head to Canobie Lake Park’s website. SCREEMFEST lasts through Oct. 27, 2019.