Top 8 Celebrity Collaborations of 2008

Lynne Carty

  It pays to have a friend in Hollywood. Literally. Whether they make movies, songs, or just party, one thing is true about all celebrity friendships – two superstars are better than one. This past year, some old and some new celeb pals have teamed-up and combined their star power. While some didn’t do so well, here’s a list (in no particular order) of some of 2008’s most successful and lucrative celebrity friendships of the year.

8. Matthew Maconaughey & Lance Armstrong One of the most photographed bromances of the year, Matt and Lance’s friendship developed out of the fact that they had both just gotten out of serious relationships (Matt and Penelope Cruz/ Lance and fiancé Sheryl Crow). They didn’t really do anything profitable or noteworthy this year, but this duo makes the list simply because photos of the pair – often shirtless – as they biked, ran, and partied together successfully provided entertainment for all of America.

7. Miley Cyrus & Mandy Jiroux – Using her massive fan base and popularity gained from Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana, Miley and her best friend Mandy created their own YouTube show: The Miley and Mandy Show. A lack of actual talent didn’t hold them back as their channel received over 13 million views – oh, the power of tweens.

6. The Ikki Twins – Once America had gotten sick of Tila Tequila’s unsuccessful ‘shots at love’, MTV canned the MySpace superstar in favor of two new celebrity wannabees- the Ikki twins. Rikki and Vikki, who happen to be identical-twin models, are now the new stars for the third season of this hit show, now creatively titled A Double Shot At Love. They were a relatively unknown duo before signing on to the show and seem to have been chosen because the whole twin thing should provide some new conflicts, catfights, and drama. The two will be living in a decked out mansion as they search for new boyfriends and/or girlfriends together, all while gaining some fame and receiving a nice payday from MTV.

5. The Jonas Brothers Ever heard of them? In case you haven’t noticed, the Jonas Brothers (who are pretty much the darker-haired reincarnation of the 90s brotherly-trio Hanson) have completely dominated the pop music scene this year. Raking in millions and millions of dollars through record sales, concert tours, and “JoBro” merchandise, the band left their first home at Disney Channel, scored dozens of lucrative promo deals, and even scored the August cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.

4. James Franco and Seth Rogen Reuniting for their first big project together since the 90s’ cult hit Freaks and Geeks, Franco and Rogen teamed up this year for their first big screen comedy together – The Pineapple Express. The expectations of F&G fans across the U.S. were met as the alums proved that they had come along way since their show was prematurely cancelled. The movie brought in $23.2 million in its first weekend and would have taken the #1 spot had it not been for The Dark Knight premiering the same weekend.

3. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler 2008 was a big political year for women in the U.S., so this pair teamed up to take full advantage of the hype surrounding this year’s election. Using their undeniable onscreen chemistry and resemblances to both Hilary Clinton (played by Poehler) and Sarah Palin (played by Fey), they created political satires that helped to skyrocket SNL to record-breaking ratings and even got Sarah Palin to make an appearance on the show. Plus, they made their first big screen film together, Baby Mama, which did well at the box offices and debuted at #1, earning $18.3 million in it’s first weekend.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet The last time these two shared the big screen, Leo was 23 and Kate was only 22.  Now 34 and 33, respectively, they have finally reunited to play a married couple struggling against pressure to conform to the monotony of daily suburban life in Revolutionary Road. Though it has been over a decade since they co-starred in the record shattering film, Titanic, it seemed like they were always destined to reunite again. The film does have an interesting story and dramatic dialogue, but chances are that, no matter what they say or what the movie is about, audiences will flock to see it simply because of the collaboration.

1. T-Pain and Lil Wayne They’ve completely owned the music scene this year both alone and together. T-Pain had an album (Thr33 Ringz) that topped the charts for U.S. Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and was heard collaborating on nearly half of this year’s hip-hop hits. Weezy released an album (Tha Carter III) that went double platinum, had one of the biggest smash hits over the year (“Lollipop”), and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Album of the Year. Both pulled in millions for their solo work but, when these superstars joined forces, they brought it to a new level. Together they recorded smash hits like “Got Money” and “Can’t Believe it.” In fact, the pair was so successful and worked off of each other so well that they now plan to form a super-group creatively titled “T-Wayne” and record an album set to release in 2009.